[Trans] Kim Jaejoong-PSY, working on a new song? Unexpected friendship drew attention

JYJ group member Kim Jaejoong's frienship with Psy caught the attention of the public.

Kim Jaejoong posted a statement on his twitter on the 14th "Nice guy is very interesting". Psy replied "For me, the song you made not long ago is more interesting."

Kim Jaejoong replied back, "I finally wrote a completely different song~ㅎ I’ll let you listen to it laterㅎ The disturbance of inspiration helped me make other good song~ Gangnam Sttal as expected", which attracted the attention of netizens.

Netizens reacted, "Kim Jaejoong's amazing network of contacts include Psy", "Their friendship is a surprise/unexpected", and "Can't imagine hearing a song from Jaejoong that sounds like Psy's songs"

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong will participate in the showcase of his movie 'Jackal' on the 16th.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121016n01869 (TV report via Nate)

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