#MJfam #Boycott John Branca !!
"Do you still remember when Michael Jackson was ALIVE? Or the brand "MJ" put on anything by anyone has erased him as a person by now?
We must strive to remember facts happened just 3 years ago, not 30! MICHAEL WAS LIVID when he found out that Tohme had signed an agreement with Julien's to sell Michael's items removed out of Neverland. In this video (min. 1:43) you can hear the director of Julien's
say: "Michael changed his mind and the auction was canceled". However, court documents show that Michael did not "change his mind", he just had NOT signed ANY contract because he did NOT want to sell any item! Michael's wish was to open his own museum where his fans could enjoy things belonged to HIM. So, now that Branca and McClain are going to sell all Michael's iconic looks that he designed and conceptualized with Bush and Tompkins what do you think he would have done if he was not MURDERED? The auction scheduled on December 2, 2012 is a joint venture between Michael Bush and John Branca-John McClain and the profits will be split between them. Branca also wrote the foreword for Bush's book. Truth is that MICHAEL JACKSON'S WHOLE LIFE HAS BECOME AN AUCTION SINCE HIS MURDER. You can be part of it or not, you decide."
via Laura Messina


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