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12th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

My @lucha_libre_aaa FUSION on @tvcdeportes thoughts: Cool intro song! It's still stuck in my head. Both matches were really good! I knew the women's match would be good but it was better than I expected. They got the bullshit with Tirantes Jr. out of the way early so it didn't effect the actual match later on. Sexy Lady needs to make TV more often, I think she's really good for her experience level. The main event was... shockingly really good! You can never know what to expect with everyone in that match but they worked really hard - maybe trying to show off on the first show? I enjoyed this match more than the women. The last 8 minutes or so was really exciting. The show closed with a staredown between Wagner/Park so I assume their match is next week although maybe they should have shown a graphic to make it clear?

It was a home run for a first show. It's a bonus hour of AAA TV with some major positives over the Galavision show:

1) It will have a regular timeslot and be less edited.

2) I'm not sure if they will always run the Sala De Armas but picking that place for the first show was a GREAT DECISION! Crowd was really loud and excited about everything.

3) AAA has existed since 1992. I have been watching since 1995. This is the first time they've ever had a TV show where the announcing has been good. If you don't understand Spanish this means nothing to you but if you do this show is a breath of fresh air. Obviously that's no surprise with Jose Manuel Guillen, Bernardo Guzman and Armando Camarena doing the job. They're always great and you can't even compare them to the Televisa guys. They aren't even in the same league. No making up the names of moves, no mispronouncing names, no identifying the wrong luchadors and no making up imaginary storylines. The TVC guys knew what was going on, made the moves seem important and were enthusiastic. You can't ask for anything more.

It will be interesting to see where this show goes since the first taping sounded like just really good matches to introduce the AAA wrestlers. Hopefully as it goes on we get some storylines specific to this show and it becomes a place to see a lot of wrestlers on the AAA roster who don't get much time on the Televisa show.

I can't wait for next week with the Park/Wagner main event in front of that crazy crowd and hopefully the Inferno Rockers match. But even if the Inferno Rockers match doesn't air it will be the mini's match so either way we are guaranteed a good match!

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