#Greece:translation-Golden Dawn MP
#youtube link: http://owl.li/epuZD


This is a translation of the video linked just above.
DO NOT read if you are offended.

It’s crude, racist language all the way.

Context: Outside the theater Chytyrio of Athens, members of the pro-nazi party Golden Dawn assaulted viewers and actors of a theater play the consider blasphemous.

The man you watched, in white shirt, is a Member of the Greek Parliament Ilias Panagiotaros, as he threatens, and curses viewers and actors, while the police doesn't even bother to intervene.

Again: stop here, if you are offended, although you should read this, and RT it, especially if you live in Europe.

In times like this the importance of European solidarity is paramount. If you are a friend of Greece, your help is needed. Now, not later.

Translation [starting from 0:12]

“You little cunt, wrap it up.
Did you get that?
Wrap it up you little faggots.
You “sticking-it-in-the-ass”, fuckers, actors my ass.
Yes, just keep staring at me you little hooker.
Your time is up.
Film, go ahead film [me]
[Something I don’t understand ending] you are fucked by the Pakistanis.
You fucking Albanian assholes, eh, you fucking Albanian assholes.”