#TS3Seasons Fun fact about aliens that I felt was a bit too complex to discuss in the blog... technically, they aren't "occults" like our other creatures. They're a new type of Sim that has their own unique DNA that can blend with human DNA through woohoo. That way when a child is born, instead of there being a 50/50 chance of it being an alien, it actually determines how much alien DNA the child has and grants them alien powers based on how pure their bloodline is. As you progress over multiple generations and have relations between aliens and humans, you'll find their gene pool depletes until their human DNA is the predominant type again, at which point you'll need to start a relationship with a new pureblood alien if you want your future generations to gain alien powers. However, this doesn’t imply that there will be hybrid powers with other occult types… should an alien woohoo with another creature, there’s a random chance the child may grow up as the other creature with dormant alien DNA. That way you might even get, for example, a fairy with wings that has green alien skin and a bald head; cool huh? :)

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