We are happy to announce that Matt Heafy will be performing a short solo acoustic set on Thursday, November 1st in Gothenburg, Sweden at 2112 Restaurant.

2112 is an amazing restaurant owned by In Flames' members Peter Iwers & Björn Gelotte.


Spaces for the performance are limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to attend show up early, get a reservation or listen to Bandit radio for details on how to win a spot for the special event.

The performance itself is free but we are asking all those who do attend in lieu of tickets to consider donating to the following charities selected and supported by 2112:

För att lämna gåvor och bidrag:

Plusgiro: 90 20 90-0

Bankgiro: 902-0900

Ring: 020-902090

SMS:a FORSKA till 72900 (50 Sek).

They work together with

ICCCPO (The International Confederation

of Childhood Cancer Parent Organization).

Or here is the international info:(if living outside of Sweden)


IBAN nummer: SE78 6000 0000 0001 1136 5031

Swift adress: HANDSESS (Handelsbanken)

Adress: Handelsbanken,

Box 10005, 100 55 Stockholm

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