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8th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

Translation of Kristen's interview with Telva Magazine (Spain):

"I had a great time shooting On The Road, my next movie that is based on Jack Kerouac's novel. There's a scene where I dance like crazy, it was the beginning of the Rock n' Roll years! I didn't know how to dance before, it embarrassed me, but now I just go for it."

"Suddenly there were thousands of people who wanted to see us. The bosses of Summit were there rubbing their hands. I could see the dollar sign in their eyes. I thought 'what the hell is this?' And in fact that's when the craziness, the tight schedules, the photoshoots and the interviews started." she tells. I ask her when she felt the turning point happened. "When I couldn't take a stroll without having to watch my back." she says with an expression of horror. And Kristen was already familiar with this world. She was born in the San Ferdinando Valley, LA; her parents, "eccentric, funny and kind of hippy" as she describes them, worked in the business. Her childhood was happy and stable - "I come from a close-knit, warm and loyal family" - which is something rare for young stars.

Few words and you realize she has vast culture and is a self-educated person. She loves litarature and art. She recently read Steinbeck, one of his favorite authors - "I love East of Eden", she says - and she discovered William Styron, by which she loves Lie Down In Darkness, which movie adaptation she's just confirmed will be one of her next projects.

"I'm not hard on myself. I accept my contraddictions and my fears. I'm impulsive when I have to make decisions. I'm not afraid to make mistakes." After leaving her seabass fillet half-eaten on the plate, we agree on the dessert choice: cheesecake!

Why does she always look serious in the pictures? that's the question I've wanted to ask her all night. "That's what I say!" she suddenly jumps. "I don't care if I don't always look perfect. I know they criticize me for that. I just don't care. I'm not a slave to this machine. If I always looked perfect, people would say 'look at her, what a faker, she can't be always perfect'. That would embarrass me more because it'd mean I'm not being honest" she explains.
But you laugh a lot, you actually look really funny and lively, I tell her. "I am! I don't feel more awkward because I'm famous as many people think. The problem is that as soon as you become famous, they have an idea of you, and it's usually biased. Like now for instance, you're asking me questions and I'm answering. You know something about me but I know nothing about you. That's what is bad about fame, that you never are on the same level as the others. Nobody approaches you and asks you how you are, please...Forget everything you think you know about me and get to know me now, right now, because I love getting to know people and I really hold my friends dear.

I'll be clear, Kristen has never turned into someone she is not. Nor does she feel like she has to free herself from Bella's characters in order not to be type-cast. "I'd go crazy if I did it. Thanks to Bella I don't have to fight for every role I want to play."

What is the most rebellious thing you've done?
"I can't tell you!" she finally says after a few seconds, looking for the right answer.
"Look, I only care about feeling proud of my work and live up to the people around me"
It's past midnight. The shadows of the Hotel Particular garden are casting dangerously upon Ghesquière's cut-out flowers that decorate the Florabotanica stand; some say it's the magic that floats over this side of Montmartre, some others blame the champagne. Kristen keeps talking to Nicolas and his team. It's not true that Kristen doesn't smile, I promise I'll write.

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