.@digitalHUGHES Here is how to fix Resident Evil:

CHOP THE DEVELOPMENT BUDGET. Give a small, hungry, visionary team 3-5 million bucks, make a 2-3 hour digital only game and put the money into paying for a creative way to reinvent the genre. Hell, if I was not doing what I was doing now you can BET I'd be out on Kickstarter trying to raise 400-700K for my take on a super low budget horror game with the goal of making the SCARIEST game of all time!


If you are going to compete with the big boys then fucking show up and play serious. Get a AAAAA developer or build one, spend the money, and call it a day.

Both would work, but I'd choose a :).


ps. Not played RE6- not knocking it, just assuming it's not loved by fans based on reviews and fan reaction on the net. But to be clear: shopping ANY game is a damn accomplishment so not knocking the folks who made it. BUT I do think the franchise needs a rethink.

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