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#justsharing Kang Sora's interview from Sports Korea (120924)

(Title) Kang Sora ~ Dubbing for 'Merida and the Magical Forest' "A brave daughter.. in the movie, A sweet wife.. in We Got Married"

"Is it strange to eat alone?"

Kang Sora is indeed a tough actress. As soon as she arrived at the cafe where this interview took place, "I want waffle please. Put lots of fruits as well," she requested for that. As the only daughter, Kang Sora was raised as if she's the eldest son in the family. Both of her parents are working, so she spent most of her childhood with her grandmother. Even though she was reluctant, she just couldn't help but to eat or watch movie all by herself.

"I've been to restaurants alone. I don't even feel sorry to spend W10,000 per serving at a meat restaurant. But it will be a big trouble if I get used to it so much..."

There is a strong independent woman behind her bright, pure face. She has a little resemblance with the red curly-haired Merida from the movie 'Merida and the Magical Forest' in which she's in charged to dub for the Merida character itself.

"It is my first time doing this job. I need to rely solely on my voice and I have to scream loudly a lot, so it has been hard for me. I really feel that dubbing job is interesting and has its own charms. It made me realized once again that voice actors are considered as actors too.."

In the movie, Merida had asked a help from a witch to change her mother but the mother was cursed and turned into a bear instead by the witch. The adventure begins when Merida struggles to find ways to save her mother. However, the real Kang Sora is actually quite a "blunt/gruff daughter" she called herself. "And I'm not as outgoing as shown in the dramas," she added shyly.

In the other hand, she was a sweet wife in the virtual married life that she appeared together with Leeteuk in MBC 'We Got Married' Season 3. It has been 8 days since their last broadcast ended. She was crying hard during their parting moment. "My mom and a few other people around me were crying too watching the last broadcast," she stated.

"I do keep in touch with Leeteuk Oppa sometimes. To ask for his well-being. Will I visit him there after he has enlisted? Yeah..I think I should visit him if I have time."

When asked about her Chuseok's plan, "I will go to meat restaurant with my family," this answer came out. She told more, after she becomes a celebrity, the most frequently question asked by her relatives to her is the present condition of showbiz industry.

"Relatives and some people around me always ask about the untold story of the entertainment world. But the most troubling question is the beauty-related questions. Because I myself don't even know what are the special routines of those actresses use to manage and maintain their own beauty," she laughed.

When the waffle that she requested before was served in front of her, she smiled widely. The candid look of a 23-year old college student can be seen out of her at this particular moment. She's actually taking Film and Drama major at Dongguk University. To her there's no much differences between her college student life and being a public figure because she never been on a meeting or a blind date till now. When the blind date that she had on We Got Married was pointed out she smiled shyly. In appearance, Kang Sora seems to be a ladylike girl by nature but it is a new surprise to find out that she was once active as a martial arts fiction writer while she was in junior high school.

"Once I start being in a romance or having a hobby life, I will be immersed real deeply into it. Before this my hobby was taking photos. If I have extra money I bought the lenses for my camera. I almost going to sell my camera because it's not easy to go for an outing since I begin to involve in entertainment activities."

She's currently filming for 'My Pavarotti' movie together with Han Seok Kyu, Lee Jae Hoon, Oh Dal Soo and a few others. When asked about Lee Jae Hoon, "He is a genuine person," she praised him. "He's very considerate too and a kind of actor that I can learn a lot from," she added. "I think I just simply get along quite well with him. He's going to army very soon, so he looked slightly sullen and depressed."

Translated by hiedi/@nhb19 from : http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/201209/sp20120924070039125330.htm

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