1. In the top right of the screen use a valid Twitter or Facebook to connect to the game. http://tv.mtvema.com/biggest-fans

2. Register a valid email address. Check your email (including junk and trash folders) for a confirmation sign-up email. There is a link in that email you will need to validate your account.

3.Join Justin's team by clicking on his picture on http://tv.mtvema.com/biggest-fans Once you are successfully part of Justin's team, it should say "Current Fan Team: Justin Bieber" under the heading "Your Profile Snapshot"

1. Go to this page and on the right hand side under "Share this page" use the Tweet/Facebook button for 50 points: http://tv.mtvema.com/news/ema2012-host-city

2. Flip through this photo album for 100 points: http://tv.mtvema.com/photos/2012-meet-the-biggest-fans

3. View Selena’s video diaries for 200 points: http://tv.mtvema.com/video/playlist/selena-ema-video-diaries

4. Vote 50 times and use the Tweet/Facebook button to share the vote page for 300 points: http://tv.mtvema.com/vote

5. Read up on the 5 artists nominated for Best Video for 400 points: http://tv.mtvema.com/artists/rihanna http://tv.mtvema.com/artists/psy http://tv.mtvema.com/artists/mia http://tv.mtvema.com/artists/lady-gaga http://tv.mtvema.com/artists/katy-perry

6. A new One Time challenge opens every Thursday, so make sure to get those points. 4th Oct - 500 points. 11th Oct - 750 points. 18th Oct - 1000 points.

7. Keep an eye out for Bonus points. The MTV EMA Twitter and Facebook gives a few hours pre-warning. The last bonus points were worth 1000. If you hear about a bonus point coming up or find the bonus points - SPREAD THE NEWS. Tell big accounts so they can let more people know.

Total One Time challenge points: 3,330 (+ Bonus points)


1. Vote for Justin 100 times for 200 points. You can vote more than 100 times, but you will only gain 200 points. This link has been made to make this process easier/faster http://www.refreshthing.com/index.php?url=http://uk.mtvema.com/artists/justin-bieber&timeout=15

2. Find the golden headphones for 50 points. Type ‘EMA Headphones’ in the Twitter search bar to find the link each day. Once you have found the headphones, spread the news about where they're located so we can gather more points.

3. Share 3 links using the Tweet/Facebook share buttons provided on every page for 30 points.

4. Watch 10 videos for 20 points http://tv.mtvema.com/video

5. Flip through 10 photo albums for 10 points http://tv.mtvema.com/photos

6. View & tag 10 artists for 10 points. http://tv.mtvema.com/artists (Tags are on the right hand side and are labelled: Inspiring, Fierce, Legend, Hottie, Rebel and Emazing)

7. Read 10 news articles for 10 points (there are 5 at the moment so read each twice) http://tv.mtvema.com/news

Total points to be collected EVERYDAY: 330.

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