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27th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

There's a BIG difference between "Name of Person" and @NameOfPerson.

Talking smack about a writer/artist/actor online is okay. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it.
Talking smack about them WHILE using their Twitter handle is rude.

You are going out of your way to put YOUR snarky comment into THEIR Twitter feed. There is NO need for that. If you want to spout off ABOUT them online, that's your prerogative. If you want to abuse the resource of twitter and spout off AT them, that's a pretty lousy thing for you to do.

1) It's a big "screw you" to that writer/artist/actor.
They've used their OWN FREE TIME to make themselves available to YOU-- and you've thrown it back in their faces by using this great, new form of communication to be bitter and pissy DIRECTLY to them.

2) It's NOT fair to your fellow Tweeters.
The people who enjoy that celebrity's work LIKE seeing their Tweets and interacting with them. And your snarky-trolling is going to get that celebrity to post less and less-- or switch their accounts to private settings-- or maybe close their accounts all together.

3) Karmically, it can boomerang on you. The more you exhibit this kind of behavior, the more it becomes acceptable. Eventually, people will be bitter and pissy to the celebrities that YOU enjoy following on Twitter, and you will see less and less of them online.

AS a fan, I can tell you that I am still angry at all the people online who DIDN'T get this-- and kept being rude, insulting, and hostile to Steven Moffat, my favorite TV writer out there.
I LOVE that we live in a world where there's something like Twitter-- and I could follow his tweets. And then, because "we can't have nice things," a number of people out there ruined it for those of us who got a kick out of that.

I UNDERSTAND how the isolation of the internet-- a person alone with their thoughts & a keyboard-- and (sometimes) the freedom of anonymity-- can lead to a perfect storm where posters check their good behavior at the door. But I also KNOW that we're BETTER than that. With a little effort, we can be rational and empathetic HUMAN BEINGS.

So PLEASE continue to rant ABOUT celbrities online. Get it all out of your system and share your opinions with your fellow members of Twitter. But PLEASE don't rant TO celebrities online WITH their Twitter handles.

If you DO have something thoughtful AND critical to say TO them, imagine you were in the same room and talking WITH them as a fellow human being. Get your ideas/feelings/opinions across to them in a constructive and NON-SNARKY way. If you're smart enough for clever snark, you're smart enough to get your point across without it.

Okay... And with THAT, MY rant's over. :-)

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