My dear fans, in the last one year, on this page I have given you all the reasons that led to this faked death. I have given you the reasons and the circumstances but more in bits and pieces. I hoped that with your wisdom and foresight, you will be putting all the information together as a whole, and you will have the answer. As I hoped, you did that. You managed to reach the truth, even though the Jacksons and their cronies tried so hard to hide it from you.
However, I never did give you the picture as a whole as I wanted to wait and see if circumstances would be more positive and then I might not need to tell all this publicly. After all, family dynamics are not always perfect and in the beginning of all this, I still had hope in some remote region of my heart, even though my brains had forewarned me about presumptuous longings.
You all feel that after the 2005 trials, I was so disheartened I left the country. The reason for leaving my country was that I had been informed, and this time with proof that my father and two of my brothers were involved in framing me in those molestation charges with those who were ready to pay big amounts to them to get me out of the way. The question is, who are ‘’they’’. The answer is that as an Afro American, I have African genes. In simple words, I am a black man. A black man who was just too famous in a white dominated region; a black man loved by almost all races, religions, and nationalities. A black man who had all the necessary ingredients to transform him from a mere singer and entertainer to A LEADER TO PERPETUATE, PROPOGATE AND PRONOUNCE HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS AND RELIGIOUS RIGHTS for humanity as a whole.
I have said this many times on the page, but most of you do not even realize the meaning of this. You say that Michael Jackson, as famous as he might be, cannot be termed as a leader or fit into any leadership role. But you fail to realize that the fan base that I had, was so massive, divergent and influenced by me, that my songs and ideology could be used for any purpose; any purpose at all. Those with sight knew that. Those with political agendas assessed that. I was not a common entertainer any more. I had become dangerous. My works and lyrics were very much the proof of what I could be, If I chose to be and if I was not harnessed.
The American politics are not ready for a black leader. Many of you especially the Black Americans, say how I dare say this, when Obama is the shining example right before your dream filled eyes and Oprah had celebrated this Black power’’ whole heartedly. In many eyes, America has finally ‘reached’ a point of racial equality. I must say that you are wrong. Obama is an illusion and a hologram of both a politician and a black leader, nothing more than that. He was placed here because a black leader was needed to fill in the gap, to create a fantasy of a America where race and religion has nothing to do with real life and where everyone gets a chance at fulfilling their ‘American dream’.
However, this colored leader should not be so effective or powerful to influence or create a new political national dynamics, but just enough to fill in the blank, that is all. Obama fulfils their requirements perfectly. His persona does not match his policies though.

America is not bothered about the atrocities this regime is committing, in the name of world peace. Americans do not bother about bloodshed, killings, murders, rapes, and oppression; as long as it is outside their borders and they can have their coffee and marmalade on their toasts in peace in the morning. Obama is so shiny, it is impossible to look at the dead bodies, the tears filled with grief and pain, cruelty of hearts and screams of women and children in the background. Our shiny Obama has put us on the map right where we belong; in a circle of unforgiving, luckless boomerang karma. You just have a short time before our cruelty and inhumanity comes back to haunt our children and us.

Michael Jackson was a threat. He was dangerous and his fame, popularity, and his reach to world masses made him a security threat. One solution was to kill him. Another better solution was to kill his fame, this would render him ineffective and better than dead.
Thus, the second better option was chosen. Tommy Mottola was to head the sensational accusation, the scapegoat to take the blame in return for a good life for him, along with a few other people in positions to aid this conspiracy. A few Jackson male family members were hand selected to support and help in administrative interest for ‘monies’with Joe and Randy as the enthusiastic nationalistic champions and boom, Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation internationally.
His lipstick covered lips, his kohl rimmed eyes, his feminine soft demeanour and his ridiculously porcelain white skin along with his private, hermit style of living and herds of children around him; sealed the poor man’s fate.
Michael Jackson was doomed. His slogans, his lyrics, his humanity, his dreams for a better world, his vision for the children of the world, his aspirations, hopes and dreams of a more humane world, his endeavours, efforts, philosophy and ideology all were covered and mulled in the mud of humiliation, deformity, loathing, ridicule, hate and obscurity. The poor black man with his high ideals and lofty thoughts was reduced to a mere clown; a transvestite, gay, child molester now exposed for what he really was; a slither of a man with repressive sexual desires and criminal behaviour. Michael Jackson was finished, mission accomplished.

However, Michael Jackson did not know that. The young fellow was too trusting, too loving and too much involved in the love of his fans. He was sure they would see through this cheap trick and why not. Who would believe this crap; he would ask and would laugh heartily thinking what fun it would be too see his enemies fall. He waited for his fans to be outraged and openly display their trust in him. He waited and waited and waited until his fans started to spit on his face. He could clearly see the disgust in their eyes, the mirth in their whispers and shame in those who still dared support him. His faith in his fan base started to dwindle. Has he become for them a perverted, demonic criminal?

He was not fighting the case in court. His loving wife Lisa Marie advised him. Her experienced team also advised him. His mother was supporting him. Janet was full of anger and fire. Fight them, she said, in court. Do not hide Mike, she implored, fight the rascals. How dare they frame you? Lisa was not sure. ‘‘My sweet Mike’, she said, do not waste your time. This will go away. Pay the brat and his family will go. All they want is money. You have plenty. A few million are worth ridding the hassle.’’ Poor black kid, impressed to the roots of his hair by the princess just signed the kid’s family a cheque.

Nevertheless, nothing went away. The humiliation was stuck to him like his skin. He needed sleep but he could not. A few tiny tablets eased him into lala land. He felt these tiny pills were the only friends left for him in the world, especially when after this crash-landing and bursting into flame of his fame, Ms Presley suddenly conveniently decided Michael Jackson was impossible to live with, and she could take no more. She took off and never returned although her stories of eternal love somehow resurfaced making her the fairy in her tale.

The poisonous snake of accusations reappeared in 2003. Poor Michael Jackson; he wanted to die but death was not so forgiving. Now there are some people, who say that I was planning on my fake death many eons ago, and they present you some random irrelevant dialogues, comments, random fabricated stories as proof. I ask you why a man would fake his death when he is as famous, loved, and wealthy as I was. Why would he contemplate that; faking his death? I know that my fans feel or are given the idea that I wanted to hide forever. That I liked to be lost in the sea of anonymity because I was so tired. The truth is these are just PR feeding words. To reinforce my hermit image, to create shock, interest & intrigue. Those who work in showbiz are well aware these tactics are in the Hollywood entertainment Bible.

I am a professional entertainer. I have been trained to entertain and I use all the ingredients. I use the spices, the scents and the garnishes collected from all over the world. I know how to reach the heart, the mind, and the soul. The ‘I wish I could go away forever’ may sound romantic but it was not true. I never intended to leave the life that could help me bring about the change in the hearts and minds, I was striving for. I wanted to do something for the children and I had the opportunity only if I had continued. An invisible man cannot be effective; a dead man even less. I never wanted to go away. As the way of the world, now my pretentious comments said for the sake of filmdom of pop world were and are used as a reality of my present disappearance.

I never ever wished to leave, disappear, or die on my audience, never. I do not know if you would believe or not but I never intended to fake my death while alive. I had so many ambitions, so much to do, so much to share with the adults and the children of this world that running away was not an option for me. However, that happened as you all can see.

When I was in Bahrain, I was treated very well. Not stared upon, whispered on, questioned, or interviewed. Yes, one thing, Jermaine claims he set up this little rendezvous with the Bahrain royalty. Really, do they dine with him even now? I mean he is their special little boy even after I am gone? I do not think so. Jermaine likes to hog lime light and tend to say whatever comes into his bright little brain. These ideas of his are such bright flashes, his brain sometimes just freezes up. I forgive him because I know his dilemma. Jerm is just too much for himself. He did not arrange this. The prince was a friend and the King always showed me kindness. They invited me themselves but Jermy no doubt is the hero, in his own eyes.

I was there and was able to assess the situation. I also had the opportunity to seek help. This help made many things visible to me; the basis of my unending troubles were unravelled. I was given names with proof and some of my family members were involved. I severed my contacts with them, even gave up on my poor mother for a while. Eventually my senses caught up with me and I knew what to do. America was not safe for me. I had enemies there who were relentless in my pursuit. I was deemed finished but still a threat somehow. I knew if I would start my life here, I would be further persecuted. I was feeling trapped and financial responsibilities were Omni present. I met friends, had discussions and I was given an option. I either do this what I have done, saving me from drowning waiting for a better time to return or to just drown forever.

For this, I needed the Jacksons. Their role in this was important. A business deal was settled with them. They would endorse my death, in return for major profit- bringing gigs for them. Books, interviews, galas, memorial, cd’s, tours, merchandize sale and what not, but for a specific time- period, allowed to use my name, my image, and me, to earn, and then to get lost. They agreed and you were all presented with the theme ,‘’The greatest show on earth.’’

The great Jacksons took the opportunity to heal themselves financially. They love the limelight and this time, I turned all the lights on them. For a moment, they were so visible to all. However, they turned on me again, under their leader’s instruction.

The trial was not a part of this. My return was to be made a possibility before any trial could take place. But the Jackson do not like to let go of precious opportunities. They wanted to make as much hay as possible while the sun was still shinning for them. They manipulated the situation for their profit; the trial was real but projected to the fan community as part of a hoax. Could you be serious saying a court of law could be involved in some hoax? Definitely not. I was bewildered but was informed by the Jacksons they were doing this to clear their name as people would question them. We tried our best to recover. We provided evidence to undo the damage but doctor’s negligence became obvious and he was put into jail.

I was upset, very upset. I had hoped until the last moment that the Jacksons would act wise but they did not. Of course, someone powerful must be controlling the Jackson puppets. I wonder who that might be. When I say the Jacksons, I only mean the same male family members, which I have already mentioned above. They now see my true colors. Now they meet Michael Jackson.

God bless you all- Michael Jackson

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