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22nd Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

My wish list for Michael Jackson's grown up children:

1)Freeze all the Official releases from the Corrupt Estate

2) Get rid of all the corrupt ppl that are part of the estate, surround the estate, surrounded MJ and keep surrounding MJ

3) Support:
- All the fans that are out there sending around Mj message of Peace and Love .
- The ppl that are cleaning up MJ name from all the false accusations.
- The ppl that create legit charities events/organizations in name of MJ following MJ wishes.
- The ppl that spread Mj love around in ppl that hated Mj .

4) Shut down forever the MJolineteam CRAP !!

5) Shut down forever the Estate's Official MJ Website

6) Open a BRAND NEW MJ Official Website, moderated DIRECTLY and ONLY by MJ's grown up children in name of their father, trough which the children would release:

- MJ Unreleased and old released single charity songs with the goal to collect $$$$ for ppl in need.
- Release along the years rare MJ material with always the goal of collecting $$$$ for charity.

7) Create a 3MJ music label for Father Michael. Forget about Sony or any other music label. We do not need Sony or any music industry crap label !! They want just profit over MJ art !!

After all this, I would no doubt buy again MJ products and be sure that it has again MJ moral integrity in it !!

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