A grave with no name
Of a man with fame
And a trial of a dead man
His drug habits addressed
A corpse in a picture
With a title of fiction
A doctor goes to jail
Without a right to bail
An album with a name
The voice defamed
A hoax of a ghost
And investigators wrote
Stories on paper bolts
And clues in clusters
In the maze of flusters
And the sound of Bam
Remained in sand
Unheard by the ear
So what is it?
A twist of fate
A snake of lies
A frame of sighs
But who is the villain
Who is the hero?
Is there an end
Or a beginning
Of a tomorrow
After a dark night
But the curtain is moving
And the story burps
Letting out all the secrets
The yellow brick road
Leads to a fantasy
But the road to knowledge
Leads to reality
My love, do not be lost
Follow the road to knowledge
And you will find me
A man with a heart
Without any hoax
To occupy his thoughts
He knows all signs are there
Every little bit of magic
Is there for the researcher
Let it be a journey to an aware love
With a man of nature
A man who knows & looks
And has despair
To see the sadness
When he only stood for gladness
A man of God
Not a hoaxer
A man who dignified love
A man who loved to love
Then how he turns into this monster
Cold, unseen, gangster
But my love,
You know that cannot be true
This man can never leave you
He can never betray your trust
Just some twisted secrets
That remain a secret
But it was not meant to be a hoax
Not a term of imprisonment
Nor a circle of clueless clues
That led nowhere
And had no road
But time will tell
What happened dear
This man will come to you one day
And tell you all the hidden truth
But till then
Just wait my dear
And let time heal our hearts

Michael Jackson

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