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21st Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

#justsharing Part of Kang Sora's interview in MyDaily

~About Leeteuk~

"He is really a good person that I could learn a lot from him. Even though he has been hurt much, he didn't show/reveal it. Since he's a leader, he needs to appear/look as if he's able to hold/bear himself from moaning and grumbling. He has a lot of sense of responsiblity so he looks matured/grown up but he can be childish too. He can be **pitiful at times, but sometimes he has manly side too."

"Since, I've been beside him watching his struggling side during hard/difficult times, I had this kind of mind/feeling that I want to look after/to take care of him. I didn't really feel the age differences between us. Sometimes, he feels like a little brother to me."

"If possible, I would like to visit him (during army). I'll write letter to him too next time when I have the earnestness (to do so). Apparently, there should be so many letters will be sent to him. My letter could be buried/hidden amongst the massive amounts of letters sent by his fans and he might not see/notice my letter. So next time, when I have the keen, I'll write letter to him"

**(due to the fact that he has a lot of burden to bear as a leader of an idol group)

by hiedi/@nhb19

*Roughly translated from: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=201209210945441121&ext=na

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