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'Just A Friend' Zayn Malik #imagine Part 1

"I'm just your ordinary college girl. I really want to be a fashion designer, but it was way to much money for a fashion school. So I settled for a few classes here. At a normal college. I really like it here. Pretty lonely though. Living alone in the worlds smallest dorm room. People say I'm getting a new neighbor today, but I can't find out who that is until he or she gets here. And today was that day. Woo hoo. Lets hope they are nice.
You post this on your blog. You hate living alone. Its really cold and lonely in London. Especially when its winter.
"Lets hope its a boy to cuddle me." You laugh to yourself. You hear noises come from outside your room.
"Oh my God." You say annoyed. You open the door and immediately get happy. You just found out your neighbor is Zayn Malik. As in One Direction. That sex God from Bradford. THE Bradford Bad Boy. You feel so weak at the knees. He sees you and smiles.
"Are you my neighbor?" He smiles.
"Yeah. My name is (y/n)."
"Zayn." He says shaking your hand. "But I can tell you know who I am." He winks at you. You almost pass out. But you giggle.
"So what are you doing here any way?" You say trying to be cool.
"I'm doing some studies. You know my plan B. In case plan A doesn't work out."
"Ohhh." You smile. "But why wouldn't you want to be with your family or Perrie?"
"I don't know. I knows its my holiday and I should spend it with them. But I would rather be here." He says looking you up and down.
"Oh." You giggle. He just smiles at you. "Well if you need anything. I'm just right here." You smile.
"I will definitely be sure to remember that." He winks at you. You blush and walk inside. You close the door and flop on your bed. You grab your pillow and scream.
"Wow." You whispered.
You were doing some homework on your computer and you heard a knock on the door.
"Hi." You smile opening the door.
"Hi (y/n). I know there is class tomorrow. But wanna watch a movie?"
"Sure. Here?"
"Yeah. My TV. Isn't up yet." He smiles. You giggle and welcome him in.
"I have to finish this first." You say sitting infront of your desk.
"Alright." He sits on your bed.
"Done now?" He says about 5 minutes later.
"How about now?" He says seductively in your ear and kissing your neck. You almost stopped breathing. He keeps doing it.
"I can be." You can barely say. You stand up and Zayn starts to kiss your lips. He slowly leads you to the bed. He starts to unbutton your pants.
"Wait." You say pushing him off. "What about Perrie?"
"What she doesn't know wont kill her." He says making out with you.
After a while you grab your clothes and so does he.
"So. Movie still?" He asks.
"Yes." You smile. You guys cuddle on the bed and watch the movie. You fall asleep in his arms against his some what sweaty body.
You walk up to no Zayn laying next to you.
"Popstars." You say as you go take a shower. You get out, put on a cream colored shirt with black collers. Black pants with black ankle boots. You curl your hair and grab your book bag. You head out, but run into Zayn.
"Sorry I left so early this morning."
"Its fine."
"No its not. I was just nervous about today."
"Zayn. Its fine."
He kisses you.
"Maybe we shouldn't do that in public. People like to take pictures."
"Yeah. How about you come over to my dorm tonight. And we... you know." He says winking at you.
"Sure. Good plan." You giggle. You walk down together. You had the first 3 classes together. You walk into the first class.
"Morning (y/n). You look glowing tod-. OH MY GOD. YOU HAD SEX LAST NIGHT." Your friend Sam yells.
"Sam shut up." You say covering his mouth. He IA your gay best friend.
"You know its true. Who was it?"
"It wa-." You were cut off by a glare from Zayn.
"Don't." He mouthed.
"You don't know him." You say trying to stop talking. Zayn smiles.
"Thank you." He mouths.
You smile and nod your head. Class got over. The next classes went with you and Zayn secretly passing notes like you were in elementary school again.
"LUCNH TIME." Sam yells walking to the quad. You, Zayn, Sam and your other best friend Jamie all sit at a table. Sam and Jamie are a 'thing'. You and Zayn were sitting next to eachother. He kept grabbing your inner thigh. You smiled.
"Zayn can we talk?" You smile.
"Sure." He says biting his lip. You take him away from everybody.
"You can't do that in public." You laugh.
"Someone might see you and your dating Perrie. Its cheating."
"I cheated last night. I don't regret it." He laughs.
"Your dumb." You laugh. You guys walk back to the table all Smiley.
SCHOOL IS OVER FOR THE DAY. The last classes were fun. You only have Zayn in one of them. So you suffered through the other ones. You go to your dorm, you hear talking from Zayn's.
"Yeah. I really like it here."
"Oh man Harry, the girls are extra hot here. You need to visit soon."
"But I have my eye on one."
"Her name is (y/n). DONT TOUCH HER." Then you hear him laugh. You wish you heard the other end. But you basically ran into your room and tried your hardest not to scream. Then you heard a knock.
"Hey sexy." Zayn says winking at you as you open the door.
"Shhh." You say pulling him into the room. You shut the door.
"Thought we were going to your dorm." You say as he kisses your neck.
"I like it here." He smiles. You give in and start kissing him...

*Enjoyyyy<3 hope you guys like it(: RT &Favorite;. Xxx*

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