Oh dear!The Liberal Party @LiberalAus took that silly twt down?There,there,never mind.I kept you a copy.Stating cops will become criminals cos their mates are sacked:
Labor’s Budget cuts create conditions for corruption to occur

The Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare MP has today introduced a bill to increase the powers of Commonwealth law enforcement agencies to combat corruption. Whilst measures to combat corruption are welcome, Labor’s savage treatment of our law enforcement agencies since coming to office has created a climate in which corruption can grow, Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection Michael Keenan said.
“Labor has consistently stripped funding and personal from all of the Commonwealth law and border enforcement agencies - including over $1 million in this year’s budget from the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) - the very organisation that will be in charge of implementing many of these new measures,” Mr Keenan said.
“Less money and less personnel means less resources to weed out those doing the wrong thing and overstretched law enforcement agencies give criminals a greater chance of penetrating them.
“If the Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare was truly serious about eradicating corruption from Australia’s law enforcement agencies, then he would start by reinstating all the cuts that Labor made to his portfolio including:
• $64.1 million and 750 staff cut from Customs.
• $264.5 million and 97 staff cut from the Australian Federal Police.
• $22.2 million and 144 staff cut from the Australian Crime Commission.
• $15.2 million and 35 staff cut from Austrac.
• $8.7 million from CrimTrac.
• $1.2 million from Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.
“If the Government had adequately resourced these law enforcement agencies then it would reduce the temptation for corruption to flourish.
“The Minister for Home Affairs should immediately reinstate these drastic cuts if he wants to give our law enforcement agencies the best chance at fighting corruption,” Mr Keenan said.

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