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18th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

[Part of Sora's interview based on abstract found in Baidu Dimple Couple Bar]

[Note I did a Eng Trans from Chinese Trans]

Title: Sora and Teuk Farewell Kiss. Cried so much because I became close to him.

Sora said her feelings of anticipation has deepen alot*. [*This is a literal trans. I am not sure of what this sentence meant in the Chinese Trans] Because I feel that oppa must enter army soon, the feelings of separation becomes stronger. It is like the feeling of sending off a close friend. Because of the 4 month strike, the feeling that they did not properly meet was gushed out as well. Besides, I felt oppa also was also holding back his tears, I could not control my tears. The farewell kiss was filled with complex thoughts/feelings of regret and 'time of difficulty during the strike* (*not sure she was referring to the strike period or army period)'.

Sora said she received many questions from people asking her she/they are real or not. She said though it is for program recording, their actions and words they said during the period was real.
[cr: luvallkorea]

The rest of paragraph is what was trans earlier:
"When i first met Leeteuk oppa, i didnt know him well so it was awkward but now he is a comfortable oppa. He is a good oppa i exchange text messages & ask for help. He is sunbae, a leader, and more experienced than me so his level of responsibility is unimaginable. I have much to learn from him." [Cr NKsubs]

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