스테파니 · @5StarsAs1

17th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

[Tidbits trans on KHJ's 20th message]

-Although there's a typhoon today, I seemed to be busy
-Preparing for the Japan's City Conquest event, concentrating on the drama filming, preparing for the new album
- The music that will be releasing next year, I'm already preparing for it now
-Even though I'm on a break, I didn't just slack around
- I'm working hard to film City Conquest, so please give a lot of support
- Already watch some short clips and it's very interesting honestly
- Hot summer is passing by and the winter is coming, and Chuseok is around the corner, will everyone go back to their hometown? Please have a safe trip
- I am filming for the drama right now and I wanted to release a new album in Korea
- Craving so hard that I'm going crazy (as always, our workaholic!)

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