Composers, singers, lyricists — compete to create the most inspiring song performance. To program our 2013 cabaret evening, @operamission is hosting a Song Composition Contest.

Three judges will award three COMPOSERS and three SINGERS each $100 for the top three songs. These songs will be performed live, as well as an undetermined number of additional winners to fill out the program of operamission’s Cabaret evening this Winter.

LYRICISTS are also invited to participate in this fun interactive format: the competition will take place here on Twitter, and the idea is to expose the collaborative process of songwriting, text-setting, and composing for the voice to the public.

We are looking for quality songs.

We invite you to seek out collaborators by tweeting...

Singers: tweet your favorite living composers.
Composers: tweet your favorite singers.
Writers and poets: seduce us.

The entire process of writing a song for an individual singer will be open to the public on Twitter, i.e, tweet your collaboration.

(We realize composers like to work in private... But that said...have fun. It's just one song!)

We are inviting a freeform process to emerge. The three judges will provide guidance. We will prod, supervise, referee, coach, and more. At all stages from text selection to final polish, we want to expose the art of songwriting, at the same time inspiring new collaborations.


1. Singers and Composers must be active on Twitter.
2. Lyricists are welcome to invite themselves into the process, and composers (or singers) may write their own lyrics. Poems or lyrics in the public domain are welcome as well.
3. Use the hashtag #newcabaret in every tweet related to this collaboration, so we can all (judges and public) follow the tweets. This is part of the competition!
4. Composers may enter as many songs as they’d like. Singers as well.
5. Songs must be new.
6. Songs should be under 5 minutes, for solo voice and piano (or voice and harpsichord).
7. Text may be in any language, on any subject. 
8. operamission holds the right to premiere the winning songs.
9. The composer owns the copyright(s) to their own song(s), not operamission.
10. operamission claims indemnity of all parties against loss or threatened loss or expense by reason of the liability or potential liability arising out of any claims for damages. In other words, please don't involve operamission in any disputes arising out of this competition.


Songs must be submitted via PDF or hardcopy no later than 11:59pm EST (23:59 EST, 04:59 GMT), 20 December, 2012 (that is 21 December GMT).


1. All winning songs will receive a live performance in NYC prior to April 2013, plus a recording and a video.
2. Each of three winning songs will be awarded $200 — $100 for the composer and $100 for the singer.
3. If the singer for whom the song was written is not available for the performance date, operamission will select another appropriate singer.


Michael Ching: composer, songwriter, conductor, pianist, opera producer - @MrBillow

Jennifer Peterson: director of operamission, conductor, pianist, harpsichordist - @gaspsiagore

Michael Weyandt: baritone, composer, pianist, actor, teacher - @MichaelWeyandt


Tweet any or all of the judges, and/or @operamission.

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