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1. I went in when there were about 2 rehearsals for their lines left. They weren't doing their lines when the fans were going in, so they waved and greeted fans while they were taking their seats.
2. When they were doing their last lines, it was KARA's turn to rehearse, so they were all on stage. There was a little time before they started their lines, so the three yelled, “Wow, it's KARA, wow it's KARA” into their mics. When KARA looked over at them and greeted them, Taeyeon and Tiffany said, “Hi!” but Seohyun said, “Ahn nyeong!!!!!!!!!!...ha sae yo,” and bowed. (ahn nyeong=hi, while ahn nyeong ha sae yo=hello, or a more formal way of greeting others, usually older than you)
3. When they were leaving after rehearsals were over, they said, “See you later!” Because they were still rehearsing (on stage), they bent down while leaving out.
4. Taeyeon came in first. I don't know if it was because the way out was too crowded, but she came in through the stage. Taeyeon came to the MC booth and look at all the fans, and also greeted fans that were in the top. She said a lot of people came again today, and said, “As expected!” She kept saying 'As expected! As expected!' while switching poses, holding her thumbs up. She said, “Our fans are the best!” And she said thank you for coming every week.
5. When fans mentioned her performance tomorrow, Taeyeon said, “Oh, tomorrow? 'Closer'?” Then she smiled and said, “You didn't know!” I think she meant it like, 'You didn't know what the “good thing” (mentioned last week) was, right?'
6. Someone said that, because of Inkigayo, they can't leave at night and have to check in. So Taeyeon said, “Is that called 'checking in'? You're not staying up all night, are you?” (**”checking in” as in like, saying you'll be attending Inki)
7. Someone told Taeyeon that they're suffering. (going to all these schedules) After they said they're tired and whatnot, Taeyeon asked, “Is it tiring?” and said, “Should I/we not do this anymore?” Fans said 'no', so she said, “If it's tiring.. Don't do it.” Someone on the other side said that it's okay and that they could do this all 365 days. Taeyeon said, “Really?” and said that you have to record things like this (like as evidence). Then she asked, “Even if it's raining and the wind is blowing?” That fan said they could so she said 'thank you'.
8. While talking about the rain, as if she just remembered, Taeyeon said, “Oh yeah, they said another typhoon is coming,” and someone said it comes tomorrow (on Sunday). So Taeyeon got surprised and replied, “Tomorrow? '0'” but someone else said it's Monday, not Sunday. Taeyeon then looked at the person who said it was coming on Sunday and said, “They said it's Monday!”
9. A little while after, Seohyun came in. She wrapped her arm around Taeyeon's shoulder, in a 'what are you doing'-like way, and looked at the fans, too. Seohyun said she had duck for lunch, and that it was good.
10. A little while after again, Tiffany came out, but she came out carrying jelly that's in the long, connected packaging. It had 4 bags connected together, and, rather than folding it up and carrying it, she let it all hang from the top pack, which she was eating from. Laughing like this ^^. She came near the MC section, and when the fans started stirring, she asked, “Do you want to eat it?” It was either 'do you want to eat it?' or 'do you want some?'. Then her face looked like she was wondering if she actually could give them to us. She looked at all the fans like, 'I can't give this to some people, and not to others..' and paused. She then told us to share and ripped off a pack and threw one to each row. After giving them out, she checked to make sure they were sharing. Telling everyone to share. Although there wasn't enough, and some fans couldn't eat it, she looked if they were sharing. When fans told her that she could eat it, that they're okay, Tiffany smiled and said she has a lot for herself. Then, as if she was curious about what flavor it was, she went to the first row and asked if she could open the pack. Asking if they could switch with her. She made an “oh no”-like face to the fans who couldn't eat any. She said, “It actually doesn't taste that good."
11. Out of nowhere, Taeyeon asked, “Who here is the same age as me!” Saying, '24!' When fans started raising their hands, I think she pointed at each of them going, 'oh oh', saying, “Friends! Friends” To people who didn't look like they were the same age, she told them to stop lying. From the side, Seohyun asked, “Is there anyone who is younger than me here?” and more people raised their hands than expected. So Seohyun said, 'heol!' and asked how old they were. When someone said 20, she got surprised and asked, “20 years old?” and told Taeyeon, “They said they're 20 years old!” Seohyun said, “There are 20-year olds, too. You're a baby.” While the writer unnie was calling the girls over, she overheard Seohyun saying the 20-yeard old was a baby. So she smiled and asked, “How old are you?”, and Seohyun made a V with her hand, held it up to her face and said, “22!”
12. While practicing the first lines with the writer unnie, Tiffany kept eating the gummies while practicing her lines. Then, when she spit her gum out into an empty jelly packet. I guess she was chewing gum, too (while eating the gummies). Taeyeon asked if there was anymore jellies left and opened the empty packet, and Tiffany told her it had the gum she spit out and Taeyeon's face was just ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
13. After they were done practicing their lines, they had a little time left so Taeyeon waved to the fans, Tiffany seemed to be in a good mood and kept yelling “kkya- kkya-” while the coordi unnie kept fixing her hair and outift. She also screamed “I~ love~ you~!!!!” out of nowhere. Seohyun was looking for her pouch (like a makeup bag), and it seemed the manger didn't bring it. Seohyun was looking everywhere for it saying, “My pouch! Is my pouch not here? My pouch! Is it not here?” When she couldn't find it, Tiffany told her 'use mine', and she got hers from the coordi unnie and gave it to Seohyun to use.
14. When the girls went to do their lines, Seohyun said they should do 'right now is SNSD' so she was getting the unnies hands together, and Taeyeon put out scissors (rock paper scissors) as if there was nothing wrong. But Seohyun didn't mind it and held the end of Taeyeon's index finger and pulled it into the pile to do 'right now is SNSD'.
15. Right before their lines started, Seohyun looked at Taeyeon, raising and dropping an eyebrow like she was saying, “You know, right?”
16. While starting their first lines, Tiffany choked/coughed. After it ended, she frowned going 'oh no, oh no'. Taeyeon and Seohyun cheered her up, saying it was okay, and came down with her. Tiffany asked the writer unnie what to do, and she said it was okay. While telling her it was okay, she asked if Tiffany's throat hurt, and if she was okay. Tiffany nodded, saying she was okay, and drank water. While monitoring, she frowned again and said something got caught in her throat and frowned at us.
17. The flute and saxophone props were out already, and Taeyeon went over first and was messing with them. She held up the flute once, then she tried to hold up the saxophone, but because it was heavy, she went 'whew' and put it back down. Later, Seohyun came and said the saxophone when she tried lifting it up, and looked to fans and said, “It's heavy!” whining. Tiffany told Taeyeon and Seohyun how you hold the flute and saxophone, placing each one of their fingers at the correct places.
18. In the middle, the flute sound was cut but they handled it well. After it was over, Taeyeon collapsed on the table and yelled, “I'm embarrassed!!!!!!!!” Saying she was totally embarrassed. She experienced it again when they monitored it afterwards.
19. During Tasty's stage, there was some kind of loud 'bang' sound? It was like static noise from the mic, but Taeyeon got surprised.
20. When the writer unnie told the girls that Music Core was being broadcast live through YouTube starting today, Tiffany got worried about how she choked earlier. Taeyeon started laughing, and teased Tiffany by coughing in front of her on purpose. Saying that her choking was broadcast all around the world. Seohyun also got surprised, and went to the fans saying, “They said this gets broadcast live on YouTube starting today~” She frowned, saying, “What do we do about Tiffany unnie's choking?” and acted like she was coughing. She acted like she was crying, trying to say that Tiffany unnie is frowning. When someone said it was okay, and that it's cute, Seohyun said, “It's okay? That's a relief!” When she was trying to explain/tell us 'YouTube', she wrote it big~ in the air. And she expressed that it's being spread all around the world by spreading her arms out wide.
21. Taeyeon was following along with a dance, I don't remember what song it was for.
22. After they were done with their Taeng teacher lines, the fans all clapped and cheered a lot. The girls laughed, too. But, when Seohyun asked to monitor it together, Taeyeon cooly said she wasn't going to and shook her hands.
23. Taeyeon came out with her script all rolled up, and played around with it, holding it like a light saber, shaking it to the beat of the music and sang some song to herself. When the fans started shaking their balloons along with her, without knowing what she was even doing, Taeyeon must have thought that was funny because she started doing it fast, then slow, and kept singing to herself. Then she said, “You don't know it!!!!” and started laughing. I think she meant, 'You don't know what I was doing, right?” She was teasing the fans.
24. She kept holding the rolled up script in one hand, hitting it against the other hand. Then, the script got thrown. She kept tossing it up and catching it a few times, and when it fell to the ground, she went to go pick it up.
25. Taeyeon used the rolled up script to use as a telescope to look at each of the fans. Then, when she saw that the fan that slept every week wasn't present, she siad, “That person isn't here today!” Saying the fan that always slept wasn't there. Then she looked as if she understood and said, “I guess they're sleeping at home today,” and burst out laughing by herself. Saying, “I guess their body is really tired.” After that, there must have been fans who didn't understand her, so she explained that there was a fan who slept every week again.
26. Taeyeon laughed by herself a lot. She kept smiling and laughing for no reason, and all of a sudden, she said that she's really excited. Saying, 'I'm really excited!', and jumped up and down. She jumped up and down, spun around, and acted like she was flying. It looked like she was in a really good mood.
27. She was looking at the fans quietly, smiling while having a hand propped under her chin, doing a flower pose(?), smiling at the fans.
28. Then all of a sudden, she suggested the flower pose for the pictures later. She said 'let's take it like this' and showed us the pose. When we said we understood/okay, she said, “Flower pose, okay?” When someone did the ocotpus-alien dance flipped (palms facing up), Taeyeon said, “No no,” and showed the flower pose again and asked, “Okay?”
29. The manager unnie brought the pouch out later on, so Seohyun got her own pouch.
30. Taeyeon was telling us that they're going to Indonesia next week so they won't be here at Music Core next week, and said, “We'll be back~” But the fans couldn't understand Indonesia, so she explained it for a long time. Constantly saying Indonesia and concert. She explained Indonesia by extending her arm out and pointing far away. It looked like she was gesturing Japan and Indonesia. When they couldn't understand, she acted like an airplane.
31. A fan said It was their birthday. Taeyeon asked, “Today?” and the fan said it's either next next week, or the day after tomorrow. So Taeyeon said she thought they meant it was today. Then, while standing by for their next lines, Taeyeon turned around to face that fan while walking to the MC booth. (But, that fan must have been looking somewhere else. Taeyeon was waving her script around, trying to get their attention) She told them her birthday was in March.
32. When introducing Orange Caramel, Tiffany and Seohyun tried doing the dance first. The two were going back and forth, saying this was right or that was right. They played around, seeing which part of the choreography they wanted to do.
33. After talking about birthdays and finishing their lines, they must have remembered but she talked about Hyoyeon. They said Hyoyeon, but when people couldn't understand, she said, “Our member, Hyoyeon.” When they still couldn't hear, she yelled, “Ah, Kim Hyoyeon!” Then she said, “Next week, when we go to Indonesia, we're going to have a birthday party!” When it seemed we didn't understand, she said it at least 3 times. At first, she lightly danced to explain 'birthday party'. But, when nobody understood her, later on, she changed her gestures into clapping. When the fans started understanding it, she dropped her arms saying, “Whew, I'm tired.”
34. While the coordi unnie was fixing her clothes, Taeyeon told her that the fans can't seem to hear what she says very well. So the coordi unnie told her to use the rolled up script she was holding as a megaphone. Taeyeon held it up and acted like she was yelling into it.
35. Taeyeon suddenly said, “I want to ride a bicycle.” That she wants to ride a bike because the weather is so nice. She acted like she was riding a bike, pedalling with just one foot. She really ran forward, and then she laughed by herself.
36. While watching Orange Caramel's stage, the three were copying the dance and really concentrated watching their performance.
37. When FTISLAND's performance was on, Seohyun sat at the side and asked if the fans could see the stage. When they said they couldn't, Seohyun copied the performance. While acting like she was playing the guitar, she kept peeking at the stage to move along to the beat. When the writer unnie called her over to practice the lines, she copied/acted like she was singing while walking there. But then she said she didn't know the song. When they were done practicing, she continued to copy it, acting like she was playing a violin, and like she was singing. When the fans started cheering, she kept doing it.
38. While FTISLAND was preparing for their stage, Taeyeon suddenly said, “Oh yeah!” and looked at the fans and smiled. When the fans asked 'what is it', she looked like she was trying to decide if she should tell us or not. Then she showed off, saying she's going to see Maroon 5's concert. When the fans seemed jealous, she shrugged her shoulders. When a fan said they were going, too, Taeyeon asked if they're really going. I don't know if the fan said they were or not, but Taeyeon waved her hand as if she was dismissing them. And boasted, saying she's going.
39. During T-ara's performance, Tiffany danced with a lot of passion. She was dancing along while monitoring it, sitting down. She wasn't dancing gently, but more in like a “I'm going do do this dance today!” kind of way. She danced with much effort. I thought she was getting dance training. I don't know if she thinks that dance is fun, but she danced really hard. It seemed like she danced along from start to finish.
40. When Taeyeon asked for her manager's phone to take the pictures, I think the manager said they only have their iPhone? Anyway, so then Taeyeon pointed at Seohyun and said she will use her phone to take the picture. When she went to tell Seohyun, Seohyun said she'd take it herself and turned the camera on. Taeyeon looked back at the fans and said, “You know the flower pose, right?” and got them to do it. Seohyun was taking the picture, but she must have remembered what happened last week. She walked up close to Taeyeon without warning, and just took a picture of her. She then started cheering out of excitement. The fans also started cheering. Taeyeon tried to take the phone, but Seohyun extended her arm up, not letting her.
41. After that, they said let's take the pictures again. The three said they all want to take it, so the manager took the photo. Tiffany was still dancing enthusiastically during that time. Seohyun called Tiffany and told her to do the pose, but Tiffany just made a V with one hand and kept her eyes on the monitor, and danced. Then Seohyun sat Tiffany so she's facing the camera and took the photo together. As soon as the pictures were taken, Tiffany started dancing again.
42. Seohyun must have been really satisfied with the picture she took of Taeyeon because she kept looking at it and seeming happy. She showed the picture to Taeyeon, teasing her saying, “What are you going to do about this~?” Taeyeon acted like was over it, saying, “Do whatever~” So Seohyun got discouraged.
43. But poor Seohyun left her phone on her chair and went next to Tiffany to dance with her. Taeyeon saw the phone on the seat, looked at Seohyun, smiled and grabbed the phone. She tinkered with it for a while, not knowing how to turn it on, and she finally did. Seohyun's phone wasn't locked. Taeyeon started laughing and mouthed the words, 'There's no password!' She kept snickering, saying there wasn't a password.
44. I don't think she deleted the picture, but while she was looking at it, Seohyun ran over and took the phone. It seemed Taeyeon left her alone because it didn't seem like a very bad picture.
45. After checking her phone picture again, Seohyun came over to the fans and showed them the picture she took earlier. She said it came out well and zoomed in twice, showing the fans' faces completely up close.
46. While Seohyun was doing that, Taeyeon stood behind her, and asked what she was doing, pointing at the former. She teased her, shaking her head at her.
47. Before they went to do their last lines, Taeyeon opened her mouth wide and said to fans, “Take care, take care.”
48. Right before the closing lines, Seohyun and Tiffany played with their hands. Seohyun kept clapping her hand onto Tiffany's, and Tiffany suddenly put out scissors, trying to play rock paper scissors. Seohyun giggled and was like, 'Try cutting my hand', so Tiffany acted like she was cutting Seohyun's palm, moving her thumb and index finger. Seohyun did the same thing to Tiffany. But, it must have hurt, because Tiffany went and tried it on Taeyeon. It must not have hurt Taeyeon because she didn't react. In conclusion, Tiffany's cutting doesn't hurt, but Seohyun's does.
49. Taeyeon kept laughing by herself throughout. I don't know what the reason is, but she was just excited and seemed manic. She kept sweeping her hair back. She did it 10 times in a row, having it fall behind her neck. When the fans reacted, going “Oh oh,” Taeyeon swept her hair back prettily, smiling at the fans.
50. Taeyeon asked her coordi unnie for a brush and started brushing her hair, excited again. Seohyun then came over and touched Taeyeon's hair while saying it's pretty. Taeyeon must have said something cheesy, like, “It's always been pretty”? Because Seohyun acted like she was throwing up, and got a straight face.
51. While Taeyeon and Seohyun were bickering, Taeyeon said something like, 'Don't come near,' to Seohyun again. When Seohyun kept taking a step closer, Taeyeon walked backwards, saying, “Don't come near.” She always says that. While telling her not to come near, Seohyun always goes and hugs Taeyeon. I think it was after she teased Taeyeon after taking her picture.
52. When the last lines were done, the stage must have been live because the girls couldn't leave. (they have to walk in front of the camera if they want to leave) So they just kept saying their goodbyes. Saying, “Get home safe!” and waving. Tiffany almost came all the way to where the staff was to say bye to fans, and she said, “They said we can't leave right now.” But Taeyeon and Seohyun were leaving out the opposite side. The coordi unnie said 'let's go' and took Tiffany, and she blew small kisses a few times. She blew a big kiss with both hands at the end, and exited smiling.
53. Throughout, Taeyeon said, “Be careful of a cold~” but when someone said they were already sick, she made an 'oh no' face and told them to drink a lot of water.


1. Taeyeon wore a white knit and looked really pretty coming on stage. The staff treated Taeyeon as if they were escorting her on stage, so it was pretty nice to see.
2. After rehearsing once, they recorded twice, but the last time was so good I got goosebumps.
3. She laughed, as if it were a bit embarrassing walking out alone. Because the fans were surrounding her/the stage.
4. Before the last recording, Taeyeon asked, “Can you hear it well?” and said, “I'll do well.” Then she really did do well.
5. After the first recording, when they said they're going to do it one more time, Taeyeon went, “Ait (just a sound effect),” and swung her arm widely.
6. When the fans started cheering once the song ended, Taeyeon cutely laughed as if she were embarrassed.
7. Before the third recording, the staff said, “The camera's rolling! Fixed!” and Taeyeon suddenly started laughing. The fans also started laughing, so there was a NG and they started again.
8. After the rehearsal ended, and when they were going into recording, she said, “I'm Taeyeon. Please take care of me~”
9. After it was over, she was saying bye to the fans. She bowed to the front first, then the side, but she smiled a bit during the third time and said thank you, and waved while leaving. While she was leaving, the PD said something (it was said she was asked to relay a message), and Taeyeon laughed like, 'waha' and said, “Thank you for your hard work, PD-nim~ Thank you~”
10. In the middle of it, the PD's voice giving the cue was too loud, so Taeyeon got surprised. When the PD asked what was wrong, Taeyeon said it was because his voice was too loud. So the PD came over next to Taeyeon, whispered something to her really quietly, and left.
11. When she was leaving after singing, she took a banana milk that a fan gave her.

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