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17th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

What happens in JOE prison is horror and torture to the prisoners because this prison carry reputation in bad treatment of prisoners, torture and the director of prison Mohammad Al Husseini was recently one of the blows to the prison, he let his mercenaries with the prisoner as they want there is no law, few days ago a mercenary dragged prisoners from amber4(jail room number 4) and with the prisoner companions attempt to stop the mercenary taking their colleague and he call his mercenaries to help him take the prisoner as we been told that the prisoner was the most handsome one in that jail,he took him out from amber and allegedly raped ,other prisoners were screaming and crying and beating themselves because they were unable to assist their colleague because they were locked when the mercenary finished raping their colleague then the mercenary went again to amber 4 and chose another prisoner so the other prisoners stopped him raping again then this mercenary call his other mercenaries the beating all of amber 4 and some of them were taken to the hospital from severe beatings.these kind of attacked did't stoped also the -treatment of all ambers where the lack of cleanliness and does not give appropriate food to prisoners also air conditioning are not working especially in this atmosphere heat up to fifty degree and mercenaries are not treating prisoners well so they decided to get in strike to have better treatment, President of jail threatened if they didin't stop strike he will make mercenaries take over them as in amber No. 4, in the strike Mohammed Al Tareef went to the hospital because of strike also jioned strike from 6 days Commander Al Mahfoad . Al Mahtadi .Sayed Mahdi al-Mosawi.Also what happened to Nabeel Rajab of ill-treatment as jailed in solitary with dead animals, stripped of his clothes, searched poorly led to his need to hospital for surgery on his back and denied having surgery and refused to give him his purposes which brought his family including taking his medication Nabeel Rajab brutally treated ....

Joe prison are killing prisoners please speak for them

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