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15th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

This is the last I'm going to say or write about the controversy with the Canelo-Lopez sellout. And contrary to what some have suggested, I was never ranting or raving about it.

On Monday, I spoke to Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer. He told me they had several thousand tickets left and were tracking for a sellout. On Tuesday a.m., I confirmed that with MGM spokesman Scott Ghertner.

I then wrote my story that day denoting that a sellout was expected. On Friday, I wrote a story talking about how it was good for Las Vegas to have two big shows doing well

At the weigh-in for Chavez-Martinez on Friday, Golden Boy released a statement saying Canelo-Lopez was sold out. Several people in my immediate vicinity went on Ticketmaster to search for seats and were able to find four or eight together.

When I got home from the Wynn, I put out one Tweet saying I was angry that Golden Boy & MGM had lied, given the ability to go to Ticketmaster after they announced a sellout and pull up multiple seats together (not singles).

It blew up publicly after Golden Boy president @OscarDeLaHoya criticized me publicly for that Tweet. I asked him to explain how they announced sellout and that there were still tickets available on Ticketmaster. I was respectful at all times, but he chose to block me. I noted that publicly on Twitter.

This a.m., I drove to the MGM to speak to Schaefer. We went over the box office report and many other things. We cleared up any misunderstandings, etc. He explained things to my satisfaction and I stand by what I wrote in my earlier stories.

When I got home today from that meeting with Richard, I tweeted that I believed him.

There are a lot of people who have their own agendas who are trying to spin things for their own reasons, but that is what happened and that is all I'm saying on the topic.

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