.@LimeSims EA Play and Maxis are the same thing. The "Play" division of EA was renamed "Maxis". "The Sims Studio" encompasses a number of teams within the "Maxis" label. Maxis is also a studio, which was responsible for Spore, DarkSpore, and the upcoming SimCity. I don't know what you're referring to by "MS", but Showtime and Supernatural were developed by The Sims Studio at EA Salt Lake, and the remaining Sims 3 games have been developed by The Sims Studio at EA Redwood Shores. And yes heh, it's confusing. RT @LimeSims @SimGuruGraham So WA-PET were developed by EA Play, MS by Maxis, SHT by EA Play, Diesel by Maxis and SNT by EA Maxis... Quite confusing!

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