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14th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

For all you crew… this one’s for you.

First – who is the crew? These 12 names, as near as I can tell:

@JackieBlue64xxx, @ApplePieAlchemy, @LaurenceDupras, @ValentinaGalina, @GoldNLotus, @Handsonthetruth, @Cosmic_cheri, @SageDeAmour, @mjlover4eva, @Peacock2012, @MJIntrigue2012, @robin_cee.

Other possible crew, or junior crew, or even just supporters:

@MCristinaBaldin also as @Nefy1956, @undermj, @Thriller_Wolf, @celmj17, @juliegannon, @carmelina919, @Lilwendymjhd, @ScarlettCarson2, @59Pascaline, @BoMJBelle, @LOVEMARY18, @Peas_Frog, @fenicemjj, @OnlyRealTink, @aliceverdino, @DonnaLAvila, @TraceyMcClosk, @MikeJBornAnew, @PuppetMJaster (who may actually be just another secret account of @DMovie27).

I know there are other people involved, but these appear to be the MOST involved. If anyone feels left out, I'll be happy to add you to the list. Likewise, if anyone feels they don't belong on this list, please let me know and I'll tweet that you have declared that you DON'T support what I'm about to detail here.

The reason for the spotlight on these people is: They openly support an account, known formerly as MJviva, ASMICHAELSAYSIT, ASMICHAELJOESAY and now @MJ_29AUGUST1958, which they believe to be Michael Jackson, and who has spent one year now parading around as him on Twitter, now with over 1,500 followers.

If you believe MJ faked his death, then it’s still a very big stretch to assume that he would ever openly appear on a social media site while still being “hidden” from the world. That would be lunacy for him, in the first place. If you reason he faked his death for some very good purpose, such as to avoid danger, first he would have entrusted quite a few close to him with this, and probably paid a lot of money to help keep the secret. Would he openly appear somewhere like Twitter, where someone could easily pay off some low-paid Twitter employee to divulge his IP address so they could find him? Would MJ betray all who are keeping his secret by being so irresponsible? The answer is – no, he would not.

Would he appear on a site such as Twitter and proceed to speak out against Hollywood, his family, the President? Would he declare that he didn’t have vitiligo that way? Would he openly state he never loved Debbie Rowe or Lisa Marie? Would he engage in “TP” sessions with people after asking them to show him their photo? Would he tell fans to go to hell, and would he openly tell a woman she should be thrashed and beaten? The answer is – no, he would not.

Michael Jackson, if alive, would never set foot here and try to engage with people. It would be a disaster for him. The community of online fans needs to embrace this. And then do its level best to shoo away anyone who appears to be pulling off an impersonation. If you fear you might be shooing away the real Michael Jackson – well, shoo him away. He, of all people, should know better! Some of the impersonators sound cuddly and friendly, so what’s the harm? The harm is in KNOWING THEY ARE IMPERSONATING MICHAEL JACKSON. That is all anyone needs to know before they proceed to get rid of him. Or her.

It is all too tempting to stage an impersonation for anyone who wants to gain attention. And they can do it SO EASILY here, too! I’ve had people send me DMs asking me if I’M Michael! People are openly hunting for him! So hey, little girl, look… it’s me, Michael Jackson, tweeting at you on magical Twitter! Wheeee! C’mon and let’s have some fun! Hee hee hee!

Fraud doesn’t have to be for money or material gain. So many commit fraud just for personal satisfaction. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ONLINE since June 25, 2009 who claims to be, or hints to be, Michael Jackson, is a fraud and needs to be eliminated from the system. As a community, the fans need to watch each other’s backs here, and this is very important.

What’s the harm? Well, first, what if someone made a Twitter account and decided to be YOU? You wouldn’t have a problem with that? Do you trust complete strangers to properly comport themselves “as” Michael Jackson and never do any wrong to anyone? Realize that the very first thing they’ve done is wrong, the decision to impersonate him. Every single thing they do after that is immediately suspect. No one claiming to be or hinting to be Michael Jackson online should be trusted or supported for any reason.

Not even because you enjoy it or just like it or think it’s fun. Maybe some of you like watching AMSI’s antics, saying surprising things, or just telling you all how he loves you, or watching him tell people off, the president, Oprah, Jackson family, or even Twitter fans who disagree with him and challenge him. Is he speaking “truth”? No, he’s here, wasting people’s time, he’s here, doing something illegal, and he’s here, doing his level best to ruin the image of Michael Jackson. Do you realize there are a great many people who STILL believe AMSI is him – but that he’s such an asshole, they no longer want anything to do with Michael Jackson anymore?

What this leads to is this: If you openly support this account, or any other fraudulent impersonator account, you are then guilty of fraud as an accomplice. If you help a bank robber, you are tried as a bank robber. If you help someone who beat someone up, you are tried for the crime of assault. If you help someone pull off a fraud, then YOU are guilty of fraud.

That is how everyone needs to look at this. If a bank robber does a cute little dance while he’s robbing the bank, is he less guilty? No, of course he’s not. If he charms you and you’re swept away by that charm and you help him get away with his crime, are you considered at fault? Yes you are. Absolutely.

So all of you supporting this AMSI account are guilty of fraud. You need to face that. Eyes are on you. Do you really want to feel the hot breath of an angry mob on your face? This is not fun and games, and most of all, this is NOT helping Michael. It is most definitely, 100% assuredly, hurting him. It doesn't matter if you agree with that or not; it's still fraud.

Some of you crew appear to be quite religious. Did you read my blog and see the connections to Doug’s earlier writings about Michael being “the chosen one”? Well, religious ones, does your Bible say a single thing about Michael Jackson being a religious figure? He was a song and dance man, mostly. He was not a politician, he was not a lifelong giver like Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama. He was an entertainer. He did a lot of good things in is life, but he never aspired to being a Messiah and he would have laughed at the idea. For anyone to suggest that Michael is coming back to fight evil on this world as a new Messiah, is sacreligious. Go ahead, go ask your pastor, reverend, rabbi, whomever, what he thinks of that.

Because that IS a part of the entire scheme here. Maybe you didn’t read my blogs about this because you thought I was attacking your friend, someone who’s been nice to you, someone who has praised you and endeavored to “teach” you. What I posted in my blog, along with my own commentary, was actual copy and paste of Steven C. Douglas’s actual words, which included his talk about first John Lennon, and then no, not John Lennon, Michael Jackson, being the Chosen One. What do you think a Chosen One IS? He is either trying to get you to believe this line of thought, OR, he is subtly working to establish that MJ is a Chosen One… chosen by the elite, the illuminati, to do THEIR bidding. I still feel there’s a good chance that “Doug” is not a real MJ fan after all, since so much of what I’ve seen him doing seems to undermine him in so many ways, as he presents it “with L.O.V.E.”

Let me ask you this: Did Doug tell you, any of his “friends” here about his little film he made? He’s asking you to go inspect films for clues; he’s asking you to trust his judgment as some type of an expert. He posted about ten clips of his film back in January on another YouTube account, Changethegameent1. Did he share the links to these clips with ANY of you, his “friends”?

Did any of you “good friends” even know his first name is actually Steven? Did he ever share a photo of himself? …I didn’t think so.

You don’t believe Doug is AMSI? Of COURSE he won’t say so, he will deny it. And I’ve already made these points in my blog, but you must be aware that back around last November, AMSI tweeted out several names whose pages he endorsed: Twiggy, Pearl Jr., Pianogames, TNZ and DMovie27. Several more times he specifically mentioned DMovie27’s page. NONE of the other people ever endorsed AMSI back, in fact other than Pianogames who seems to no longer be around, the others outright spat back at him for daring to speak their names in any context.

And certainly Doug made a big deal about being endorsed, like he had been divinely anointed. Did he ever actually have a conversation with AMSI during most of that time, until recently? No. And why wouldn’t a wannabe filmmaker who had been endorsed by Michael Jackson actually even converse with him when he had so much opportunity to? Why did “they” only choose to converse with each other after I had pointed out that they never did so before?

And then you see Doug/AMSI slowly working to undermine the other “hoax investigators” so that he can be “the one, the only one endorsed by Michael Jackson himself.” Some guy with very little to show for his life but a crappy little film with no artistry to it at all – you are all TRUSTING him so much that you’ll stake your own reputations behind him? Someone whose actual name you never even knew?

Go try to explain that to one of your real-life friends and see how ridiculous you feel even by the second sentence.

I have more anecdotes from people, more of Doug’s own words, more things to share. And I will keep sharing them until enough people finally get the idea. And I will encourage everyone to demand that the people responsible for this are called to account for it.

Meanwhile, the anger for what he’s doing is building. And it’s about time those of you who share the blame for promoting this abomination posing as Michael Jackson, to finally accept the responsibility for it. This community not only needs to help get rid of AMSI – it needs to help get rid of people who have so stupidly misplaced your trust in someone you barely even knew, and who has been lying to you about his “teaching credentials” as “someone who knows,” and who has been overtly abusive to people you once considered friends.

I would ask you to please re-read my blog and go ahead and skip over the parts where I’m making fun of him, and just look for the content there that belongs to him, his own words, and really ask yourself if this is someone you would lay down your own reputation for. Many of you are “hidden” behind a Twitter moniker and no one knows who you really are there – but YOU know who it is tweeting there. YOU know who you are, YOU are responsible for your own output on the site, and YOU have to live with knowing this man has hurt other people, AND MICHAEL JACKSON, with what he’s doing there.

If you continue to support him, then you deserve whatever rain falls upon you from other fans. And if he is actually dangerous as I feel is highly possible (because why is he doing it in the first place?), you may be also tracked down by the FBI or Homeland Security or the Secret Service and asked to testify -- or even be looked upon as an accomplice. Do you think even the slightest possibility of that happening is worth standing behind this virtual stranger whose tweets and praise you seem to enjoy?

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