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12th Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

@BahrainiLeonard A heartbreaking story from Jau prison in #Bahrain: Rape of a detainee by a prison officer

On one night the officer in charge came to the prison, opened the cells and started threatening the prisoners there, it was something unusual but the detainees stayed silent while he shouts. They didn't know that he was checking the detainees for his pervert needs.

Then he ordered to close all the cells but one, he chose a good looking young man and ordered him to take off his cloths, the detainee refused to do that, this happened in front of all the detainees there! The officer insisted and asked him again and again for several times and the detainee kept refusing. The officer then ordered the other policemen to take the detainee out of the cell, his cell mates tried to prevent them from doing that but they couldn't stop them.

The officer raped the young man in the prison and all other prisoners could hear his screams for help! The other detainees went mad and in an attempt to make him stop they started to make noises and hit their heads in the doors, one of them was hysterical and passed out while trying to break the door.

The young man was out of his cell bleeding, other detainees where screaming and crying for help, "Allahu Akbar | God is great" they shouted but there's no one who could help!

The prison officer didn't get enough! He ordered to punish the detainees by bringing another guy to rape him! Once he opened another cell, there was a huge fuss and the police used force to make the detainees calm down. He also used special forces to interfere and beat the detainees, and then they took the injured ones to get medical treatment in another prison - Alqalaa - medical facility.

The detainees started a hunger strike to make the prison authority know that this is not acceptable. They were punished by cutting off the electricity and water, and preventing them from having family visits for several weeks.

This story was told by (https://twitter.com/BahrainiLeonard)

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