HERE IS THE MAIN REASON Romney, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the(GOP+TEA Party Conservatives) lie, in campaigns,and in general, they lie because they need your vote to harm you, to harm everyone you know, especially those that are vulnerable, those that cannot protect themselves, AND THEY REALLY DO LOVE TO HARM THE DEFENSELESS and PROFIT FINANCIALLY PERSONALLY FROM DOING IT!!! HARMING: the Children, the Elderly, the Sick, Workingclass Women, the Crime Victims, Single Parents,the Veterans, The Families of Serving Veterans, Families with sick Children, The Employees of failing Businesses, Retirees, all those that work for a living, the poverty stricken! WE ARE ONLY TARGETS TO THEM! It really is time TO VOTE THEM REPUBLICANS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT to make a better American Government, and a better America, AND A BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL OF US!!! GET REGISTERED AND VOTE! GOTTA REGISTER TO VOTE? GO TO GOTTAVOTE.ORG =

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