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2nd Sep 2012 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] 120901 TTS MUCORE FANACCOUNT (@/_becloud_)

1. When I got in, they were busy rehearsing while getting their hair and makeup done.
2. After rehearsing one of their lines, they were monitoring what their manager filmed with an iPad. They got surprised when the video suddenly switched to fullscreen. Tiffany and Seohyun were talking about hairstyles, and kept zooming in on their faces, laughing. Then, while Taeyeon was monitoring it, Seohyun suddenly zoomed in on her face, and surprised her [Taeyeon].
3. Seohyun said it’s been a while, smiling brightly. She greeted everyone, as if it’s always “been a while” these days.
4. There were people who got in through people they know where the MC section is. There were kids sitting there, and Taeyeon and Seohyun kept whispering to each other, laughing, as if they were amazed. They greeted the section with the kids often.
5. While Tiffany was viewing the monitor, Seohyun and Taeyeon kept fixing their hair. Taeyeon’s hair kept sticking up, and kept pushing Seohyun’s hair aside because it kept falling in her face.
6. While rehearsing the ‘pandora’ part, they opened up the lid and were really surprised. There was nothing in it, but they got really surprised.
7. During rehearsals, Taeyeon wore heels while Seohyun and Tiffany wore flats, so Tiffany became a kid. While rehearsing, Tiffany stood on her tiptoes.
8. During rehearsals, Seohyun and Tiffany played around, copying KARA’s dance. I thought they were going to do their lines in between, but they just went, “This, this!” and danced and played.
9. After rehearsals ended, Taeyeon and Seohyun ran in while Tiffany asked for the mic monitor volume to be increased. The staff must have said the volume was okay, but Tiffany said she couldn’t monitor it well. Because they couldn’t monitor it well, they found themselves yelling ‘Ahn! Nyeong! Ha! Sae! Yo!’. And so, since it’s live, what if they have an accident on air. She said they couldn’t just say, ‘Okay!’ while on air, and asked to turn the monitor volume up just a bit (not the broadcast volume, but what they hear to check). So the staff adjusted the background sounds that play during the broadcast so it sounds quieter in the studio.
10. While coming to do the broadcast, Taeyeon said, “The school term started, right? You’re tired because of it right?” She asked if we were on break before, and now she asked if we started school. It seems she brought it up because there were young people in the audience. After talking with her coordi unnie for a while, she asked, “You do class activities, right?” I guess there weren’t too many fans that are in school, but when the response wasn’t that great, she tilted her head around going, ‘Do you not? Do you not do class activities?’ [class activities I think = something like extracurricular activities]
11. When going to do their first lines, they tried to decide on if they would yell ‘Right now is Girls’ Generation!’ and extend their hands out and wave, and ended up doing just that.
12. When they returned after their lines, Seohyun seemed to be concerned about being able to see through her shirt through the sleeve when she extends her hand because the shirt was particularly loose today. As soon as they were done, she went and whined to the coordi unnie, asking if you could see through when she extended her arm out. When she was told you couldn’t, she said no and that you probably could. She asked her to clip it with a pin, so the coordi unnie did it for her.
13. Seohyun didn’t have a pin in her hair during rehearsals, but because her bangs kept falling down, she tried doing this and that by herself in the mirror. She eventually asked if her coordi unnie could clip a pin for her. She asked ‘Is it weird?’ and asked to have it clipped the way she wanted, and the coordi unnie did it for her.
14. While monitoring their first lines, Tiffany pointed out that Taeyeon’s hair kept sticking up, and that Seohyun’s bangs kept sticking up, too. They quickly fixed it and did it again.
15. The coordi unnie brushed Taeyeon’s hair for a long time, but one part kept sticking up. Even when they used hairspray. Taeyeon just shook her head, ruffling up her brushed hair and went to do their next lines.
16. When Fiestar came on, Seohyun and Taeyeon were talking about something, and Taeyeon burst out laughing for a long time at something Seohyun said.
17. When Tasty came on, the three started dancing. Taeyeon said, ‘It’s our friend!” and pointed at one another saying, ‘Our friend!’. Then, they said they were all close, and said, “Girls’ Generation’s friend!” They kept following along with the dance even when the song was on, saying they’re doing well.
18. Taeyeon held her own hair and said, “My hair grew a lot, right?” The fans didn’t hear her, so I think she said the same thing about 10 times. Then she said, “I’m proud~”
19. Seohyun suddenly spun around and talked about the typhoon. Asking if peoples’ homes were okay after typhoon Bolaven. When they said it was okay, she said their home was okay, too, and that they put up newspapers and sprayed water on them. But she said that, when she woke up, the newspapers were all dried up and were lying on top of her. She said that it was a relief that there wasn’t that much damage in Seoul. Then she said she heard it was a mess in other areas, worrying. Taeyeon watched Seohyun talking with the fans, and the fans asked if Taeyeon put the newspapers up, too. Taeyeon said she didn’t and pointed at Seohyun, saying she was the only one who did. A fan said their window broke, and Seohyun asked if they put newspapers up. They said they did but it still broke. Seohyun got surprised like this ‘0’, saying, “Your home broke in two even though you put up newspapers?” They said it was just their window, and Seohyun asked which floor they lived on. They said the 10th floor, and she just made a “Oh, I see,”-like face and nodded.
20. Another fan was sleeping again today, and Taeyeon said someone is sleeping over there again, in a deep sleep. Seohyun asked, “What, what?” and she pointed over to where the person was sleeping. Seohyun said, “That’s not nice!” Taeyeon also went, “Why? Why?”
21. Tiffany started combing her hair with the big comb, which was just a prop, and ended up just sticking the comb in the back of her hair. Then Seohyun fixed Tiffany’s hair for her, and just combed the ends of her hair.
22. When AOA was on, the manager suddenly came in front of the monitor. Then Tiffany scolded him, saying if he came over here just to see the girl groups. Seohyun told him not to watch, blocking the screen with the script. Then they copied the dance.
23. When Lee Jangwoo got on stage, they didn’t recognize him at first and asked whom he was. When they recognized him, they went, ‘MuBank MC!’, and Tiffany said he’s a rival.
24. Taeyeon asked if we watched Superstar K. If they watched the person singing (CNBLUE’s) ‘I’m A Loner’, and she burst out laughing by herself. She said it was really funny, and that it was the funniest thing she’s seen recently. Copying the how the guy sang it – clip here: (just up to ~0:57)
25. It seems fans were eating snacks. Taeyeon asked what they were eating, and they said snacks, lifted it up and they were kancho. Taeyeon pouted, saying she likes chocolate, too. But not that, but chocosongi(?). They didn’t understand her when she said ‘chocosongi’, so she made a triangle shape above her head and expressed it that way. She said that she likes the mint chocosongi in particular. She said they sell it in Japan. That it’s really good, and that it’s the best. The mint chocolate chocosongi sold in Japan!
26. Halfway through, some fans said they were from some country, and Taeyeon said, “Welcome!” Then, some fan in the back row had a towel from their Japan tour, and Taeyeon said, “Japan?” asking if they were from there, and said thank you and waved.
27. After looking over the fans, Taeyeon suddenly yelled, “People who are the same age as me!” and asked if there were any 89-ers, 24 year olds. People started raising their hands, and she said, “O..ppa…?” to one male fan, and said, “Aw, don’t play around, you’re an unnie!” (implying they look older than 24) Anyway, after checking the people who raised their hands, she picked out those fans who said they’re the same age, and said, “There, there, there are friends!”
28. A fan was wearing cotton work gloves. Taeyeon asked why they were wearing them, and they didn’t answer. So Taeyeon kept asking, “Why? Okay, so why?” The fans told her because it’s pretty, and she made a shocked face and said, ‘That’s pretty?” and covered her mouth, and went, “Okay then…”
29. The fans asked if they weren’t going to take photos today. Taeyeon couldn’t hear them at first and kept saying, “What?” and replied, “Oh! That’s right!” and borrowed her manager’s phone. She didn’t bring her phone. Taeyeon asked what pose they should do, and pushed aside boring suggestions like doing a thumbs-up. She thought about it for a long time alone, and said that they should do the eyeglasses. When the fans said to flip the hands and do the Batman mask, she tried it and said she couldn’t. So she just made the glasses. But, after deciding to make the glasses, Taeyeon tried to decide how many fingers she would fold and keep open. After keeping just her pinkies out, she said to keep the ring fingers out, too. But when fans couldn’t imitate her, she said to just keep the pinkies out.
30. The manager oppa said he would take the photo. So they said Seohyun and Tiffany should take it with us, so Seohyun excitedly, and quickly, copied the glasses pose. Tiffany didn’t hear the part about taking a picture, and when she saw all the fans posing like, O_O, she copied them. She made the glasses around her eyes with her hands, and folded one finger each. Seohyun accidentally bumped her, and Tiffany lightly poked her eye and she whined.
31. Because of this and that happening, it took a while to take the photo, and Taeyeon was getting frustrated/annoyed. So she called over the girls, telling them to take a photo, and they finally did. After that, they laughed a lot looking at the photo. Seohyun looked at it and said, “It came out well!”
32. When ‘Gangnam Style’ came on, Tiffany and Seohyun sat and danced a little. When the fans started cheering, Taeyeon told Seohyun to get up and dance. Seohyun got up, and started dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ so correctly. Everyone burst out laughing. Taeyeon was shocked and tried to get her to stop, but Seohyun said, “Why, why!” and kept dancing. Because it was a prerecording, there weren’t any people, and the MC section and the fan section was the only place that was having fun. Seohyun also told Tiffany to get up and the two danced together. They did a dance other than the horse dance, too. Swaying your head to one side? That dance must have been funny because Seohyun held onto Taeyeon and did that dance while laughing. She moved towards Taeyeon doing the horse dance, and Taeyeon yelled out, “Stop it!” Then she told her to just go and dance on stage. Seohyung replied, “What?” and Taeyeon held her hand and tried to go to the stage. They joked/played around a lot. It seemed like Taeyeon was a little embarrassed. The fans chanted, “Kim Taeyeon! Kim Taeyeon!” so Taeyeon said she can’t do the horse dance, but did it a little and stopped.
33. Taeyeon must have felt a little awkward because she did BEAST’s dance.
34. When ‘Gangnam Style’ came one, Tiffany said the song is really the best, and that Yuri and Hyoyeon really like the song and does the dance well. She said that you really have to see it [‘Gangnam Style’] in concert, and kept saying it’s the best.
35. Taeyeon and Seohyun were doing something again, and Taeyeon was telling Seohyun not to come close to her. She was waving her arms at her, telling her not to come any closer while slowly moving away, so Seohyun started waving her own arms and kept moving closer to her.
36. Taeyeon was reading through the script quickly, counting something, and told the fans, “There are 4 songs left~” She was trying to count/tell us how many songs were left. Then, when it was over, she did a gesture that made it look like she had to hurry and leave.
37. Fans asked Taeyeon when her OST releases. Taeyeon said, “Oh, OST!” and said she didn’t know either and said she’d ask, and asked the manager. The manager didn’t seem to know either, and hurriedly asked somewhere, and, after receiving a reply, said, “Taeyeon asked!” She said it releases at 12 next Wednesday. And said it’s at midnight. (*****it actually releases at 12 PM*****)
38. When asked when the next album releases, Taeyeon only opened her mouth a little, and talked really quickly so it sounded like gibberish. When the fans asked what that was supposed to mean, she did it again and burst out laughing alone. Taeyeon said they’re working on it, and that they’ll come out with it soon. When asked if we could see them [comeback] this year, she made a coy facial expression and burst out laughing.
39. I don’t know why Seohyun was in such a good mood, but even when they were going to do their lines, she was in a hopping, smiling, and giggling mode.
40. In the middle of it, Taeyeon called over the coordi unnie and asked her to pat her face [with powder]. She just closed her eyes and stuck her face out to where the coordi unnie was, and really looked like a puppy. And Taeyeon put her hands together like a cat and froze when she would fix her clothes. Taeyeon’s cute.
41. Tiffany had the posture of a professional MC, speaking to Seohyun with the authority of an unnie. While singing along to a song, everyone burst out laughing because of Tiffany’s facial expression.
42. They talked about LOOK, and someone said they don’t think they’d be able to make it because it was so late. Taeyeon said, “Ah, time~ There’s a lot of traffic, right?” And then she said, “Run there!” Then someone said they can’t go because they don’t have a ticket, so she waved and replied, “I’ll see you next time!”
43. While Seohyun was waiting to do the lines, she listened to B.A.P’s cheers and said, “Look at the fans carrying around the whistles,” in a tone that made it seem she was really amazed to Tiffany.
44. While preparing for the last lines, the staff told them to act like they were being shot when the staff shot the gun, so the three tried a number of times to get the timing right, but I think they were late when they did it live.
45. After it ended, they said, “We’ll see you later~” They said they had to hurry and leave, but they were saying their goodbyes to everyone, and ended up being even later. While leaving, if a fan asked something, they would answer again and again, and would not be able to leave. Seohyun, in particular, would stay until the end. After saying their goodbyes for so long, they finally left.

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