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31st Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

@ColdDimSum If A+ was put forward as a consultation document then I've given my opinion; A+ is a divisive distraction from and an obfuscation of the 'cause' and as I see it will remain so. You, I and all of us have wasted too much time on it already.
As far as implications go, I tried to see A+ from the religioner's position, they love to infer & the implication is there to be seen, they will see it.
I stand by both my blog and my previous response, whether my observations are right or wrong only time will tell.

The 'meat' of my last point was not what you assumed: Massive discussion ensued because a nobody of note made an unsubstantiated claim & was believed instantly by a community sceptics. That's not a very sceptical response but more like how a partisan or religious faction would react. Where was the normal scepticism of the community: 'Evidence or it didn't happen'?

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