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25th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

In light of Cube's plans of making Hyun Ah debut as a solo singer globally,

Please remember that 4Nias need to be united in order to prevent Cube for basically messing with the girls careers. Hyun Ah's upcoming solo isn't the issue, but what Cube recently told the press:

"We're determined to make HyunA a talented artist in her 20s worth anticipating and in the future bring her to the world as a global product."

"Rather than an immediate advance on the global scene, we're currently focused on considering a long term opportunity."

Hyun Ah also said, "In order to advance globally I still have a lot to prepare and work on. To present a good image I will advance step by step." confessing that she wants things to go slowly.

The article further revealed that Cube and HyunA had already met with several US agencies to prepare her international debut and that, her upcoming solo will act as the very first step of the global advance.

If you think about it, Hyun Ah felt really lonely during Bubble Pop and said in several interviews that she enjoys promoting with her members more. Moreover, Cube has been overworking Hyun Ah each time she had a solo, packing her already tight schedules with live appearances, interviews and appearances on shows. It's not far-fetched to think that the reason why Hyun Ah and 4Minute burst into tears on Travel Maker E06 is because she is scared of her future solo plans overseas. If Cube really is serious on planning to make HyunA debut as a solo artist internationally and it's not just them bragging to the press for publicity, you might want to consider this:

1. Debuting a group in an unknown country, without you mastering the language and being thrown in a whole different environment is already tough as it is. Now think about it again if you're going as a solo singer. Let's not forget that it was really hard for the Wonder Girls and we lost Sun Mi because of it. WG told their stories many times on Korean Tv so I won't mention it but you can look for it if you're curious.

2. What will happen to the the others members of 4Minute? When Hyun Ah was promoting as a solo for Change, Bubble Pop and Trouble Maker with Hyunseung, they were promoting in Korea so 4Minute was always together, supporting Hyun Ah for her solo activities. During Bubble Pop, Jiyoon was on Immortal Song 2. If they plan on making HyunA debut internationally, it's a whole different story.

3. We're supporting Hyun Ah's solo even though we wish 4Minute had another comeback planned instead since they really need full promotion in Korea as one comeback a year isn't enough. 4Minute is relatively known but not to the extend of having a comeback once a year. Groups which had their debut around the same time have 2 to 3 comeback per year. This is another point that we think need to be brought to Cube's attention.

4Nias need to be united, so we can let Cube know about why we think isolating Hyun Ah from the members and out of Korea would be bad for herself and for 4Minute. Hyun Ah's already under a lot of pressure and this won't make things easier. Let's stop with all the nonsense of Hyun Ah getting everything and the members nothing. This isn't the issue and we have more urgent things to consider as of now.

Please let all international 4Nias fanclubs and fanbases know about this. And refer to this post for instructions on how to help.

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