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25th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

United 4Nias. Please read this post to know more about our project.

Please spread this to all international 4Nias fanclubs and fanbases. Please tweet this to @hongcube @cubeunited @cubeentofficial in Korean (as it takes less space in tweets) and translate it into your language to let other 4Nias know.

We, 4Nias hereby demand a 2012 4Minute comeback, and ask of Cube to put an end to the plans of making Hyun Ah a global solo artist as she belongs to 4minute as one of its members. Thus we won't accept her being isolated from other members when 4minute as five is one. We sincerely support Hyun Ah's solo project, and we are not against making her known worldwide. We are simply worried about 4Minute as a whole and the members if Hyun Ah debuts overseas. We are so afraid the others would be completely forgotten by Cube and be out of its sight.

우리, 포니아들은 2012 포미닛의 컴백을 기대햇고, 큐브는 끝에 포미닛의 멤버중 하나로서 소속된 현아의 글로벌 솔로 프로젝트로 결정한것에 대해 묻고 싶습니다. 5명으로 구성된 포미닛으로써 그녀가 격리되는것을 수용할수가 없네요. 포니아들은 현아의 솔로 프로젝트를 진심으로 응원하고, 그녀를 국제화시키는것에 기쁩니다. 단지 저희는 그럼으로써 다른멤버들이 큐브의 시점으로부터 완전히 잊혀지게 될것이 두려워 말을 올리는것이니 양해 부탁드립니다.

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