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"We got married (WGM )" is a fictitious show that is plotted and planned in the situation with a script that probably has less details that's written out on the paper.

KHJ did his best to suit to the concept of that show as a professional, and in return, he received fascinating responses.

Both KHJ and HB denied several times the possible engagement of personal relationship between KHJ and HB including even for a very casual contact.

However, so-called "Ssangchu fans (SS)" put their basis of imaginary relationship on the fictitious hope that HB hides KHJ's and her relationship for KHJ's successful career.

SS uses some of the facts taken from KHJ's private life to intentionally manipulate as a proof of KHJ and HB's relationship.

Moreover, when KHJ does not act or behave in the way that's against their imagination, they do not hesitate to write and spread negative comments at portals, saying that they are disappointed by KHJ because he does not react in their way.

That's why Korean Henecians view SS as a potential anti-fans toward KHJ.
If SS enjoy the show only as a show, if they see KHJ only as a KHJ, a independent human being, Korean Henecians would not take such actions.

Korean Henecians have been keeping all types of proofs regarding following description with them.

Now, let me list some details what SS had done online, at many sites and boards that were opened to everyone.

- SS spread out the rumor that HB's parents did not allow their relationship because of KHJ's unsettling future career as a celebrity, an idol.

- When KHJ made comments for interviews or programs, SS took them and interpreted as a secretive message for HB, and expanded their fictitious interpretation as sexual messages, along with additional synthetic pictures and stories created for their imaginary needs which were nothing than sexual harassment to KHJ.

- KHJ was cast for Boys over Flowers (BF) and had to leave WGM to prepare his debut as an actor, but due to the popularity of KHJ and HB couple, the producer of WGM delayed KHJ's disengagement and took episodes for 3 month only in 2 weeks, which led KHJ to start BF in physically and mentally very stressful condition.

At this point, SS spread the rumor that KHJ would come back with HB for WGM, claiming that KHJ would not achieve as enormous popularity as he earned from WGM. SS did not want to see KHJ's success through BF obviously.

Thus, SS left negative comments about KHJ's acting at sites and boards that were related BF.

- SS reacted negatively when KHJ was involved with any female celebrity who worked with KHJ professionally.

For female actors whose role were KHJ's partner, SS kept leaving negative comments, which did not help KHJ's career as an actor, a team player in a drama.

- SS accuses KHJ as a guy who's abandoning HB for his own success in his career, while depicts HB as a submissive, mature and patient female who sacrifice for her lover's success.

- SS tries to fulfill themselves by replacing them to the HB's position, which is still fictitious, and SS forces KHJ to be a better boyfriend figure in many ways, if their expectation do not meet with what KHJ does, they bluntly speak out that they are disappointed and not satisfied.


As a fan of KHJ, Korean Henecians cannot stand any type of action that sabotages KHJ.

Korean henecians had to watch SS from the very beginning of WGM, witnessed them crossing the borders with their actions, and had to set regulations in response to their actions.

Fandom of KHJ used to be one of the generous community among celebrity fandoms in Korea, who shared most of their materials, however, they had to change such policy because of who exploit those materials for unreal fiction, and who cannot distinguish that fiction to the real world.

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