Hi, My name is Noelle. I am 14 and my mom let me use her twitter account because I have a question for all magazine, television, news, radio and talk show people what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Whatever happened to respect and treating others the way you wish to be treated? It is so sad how a person's rights, privacy and feelings do not matter anymore.

The other day I was with my family at a restaurant and while we were waiting for our food, I decided to watch Welcome to the Rileys on my tablet. The server brought our drinks and asked what I was watching. I told her the name of the movie and that I think it is one of the best films Kristen Stewart has done so far. She looked a little disgusted and then turned to my mom and said; ”I wouldn’t let my daughter watch anything with that tramp in it!” My mom is usually the quiet type but watch out if you happen to strike a nerve with her!

My mom and I invited the server to come back to our table when she had a break for a calm discussion about Kristen and why my mom has no problems with me watching her movies. From that conversation, we learned that our server does not know Kristen Stewart at all. She has never met Kristen, does not know her personally, and has never watched any of her movies not even Twilight. Her Aunt is a Twilight fan and told her the kids that play the vampire and his human girlfriend are a real life couple but that is all she knows. Why then does she call Kristen a tramp? Because that is how the media has portrayed her for the last month. Put some pictures on the internet and then follow up with a public apology in People Magazine and that’s supposed to be the smoking gun.

If this was a case in court and those pictures and apology were the evidence it still wouldn't be enough to convict or prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kristen really is guilty. The jury would have many questions that would need to be answered before they could even begin making any decisions. Those decisions would then have be made from facts not personal opinions.

Why has all the blame and focus been put on Kristen Stewart? There are two people in the pictures! Why is that director guy not getting any crap? Oh yeah, it's because he won't bring in the big money like Kristen.

Other celebrities have done things far worse than what Kristen supposedly did and they were not publicly crucified the way Kristen has been.

There are important things happening in politics and around the world that should be getting all the media attention but those don’t bring in the big money like dragging a young woman through the mud for something that may or may not be what it seems does.

One time my mom had just borrowed money from a friend so she could make the trip with my brother to Children’s Hospital for his treatments. She borrowed $90.00, which would help with gas and food for the 3 days of traveling back and forth between home and the hospital. My mom put the money in her purse with no worries of anything happening to it, but something did happen to that money.

While my mom was in the shower the next morning, I took that $90.00 knowing how much she needed it and how important it was for my brother to get to all of his appointments at the hospital. I had something much more important I had to do with that money so whatever consequences I might face did not matter.

I can hear some of you saying “how terrible!”, “you selfish girl!”, “if you were my daughter I would have beat your a**!” I did admit to taking the money, but without me telling you why, without you knowing all the facts how can you judge me? The same goes for Kristen Stewart. Without knowing all the facts how can anyone judge her.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have seen “those pictures” and every time I look at them, they tell me a different story. Thousands of words and thoughts fill my head. I could try to understand the story behind the pictures, but I won’t. I don’t need to. Why do so many others need to?

Kristen Stewart is still Kristen Stewart to me. She likes books, music, movies, animals and hanging out with friends. Kristen Stewart has feelings. Kristen Stewart is not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Kristen Stewart is human.

What do people gain from spreading so much hate? What does it solve? Does it make anything better?

Remember that $90.00 I took?

The Sunday before, our pastor had talked about offerings and how God always rewards us for our sacrifices and gifts to him. He talked about miracles and a whole bunch of other things my 6-year-old mind did not fully understand. What I believed was if I gave God a big enough offering then maybe, he’d make a miracle and my brother wouldn’t be sick anymore. I didn’t know when the pastor said to give it straight to God that he was talking mostly of giving cares, concerns and troubles over to him so I took the $90.00 tied it to one of my brother’s big get well soon balloons snuck out onto the porch and sent it off floating in the sky to God.

I didn’t take the money for me. I took it because I wanted my brother to stop having to get treatments. I wanted my mom to be happy again and not have to worry about my brother. I wanted to fix things so I did what I thought was right. My mom did not judge me. She did not jump to conclusions or even consider punishing my siblings or me for the missing money until she had all the facts. That is how it should be. Innocent until proven guilty and even then the guilty of what is often not as bad as it may seem.

In today’s world, people do not take time to consider anything they just judge to judge. Many do it so they can be part of the in crowd. If you do not have the same opinion as everyone else then you cannot stay in the club.

My mom said many people decided not to be a fan of Kristen’s anymore. She said it is because of those stupid pictures. The pictures and the story that only Kristen, Rob, that director guy and people in their close circles know the truth about. That is very sad.

Did you judge me for taking the $90.00? I bet your thoughts were different once you knew all the facts.

I am not saying Kristen did not do anything and I am not saying she did either. I do not know. It is her business not mine.

To the media and haters, would you be so willing to judge, spread hate and print gossip story after gossip story if it was your daughter? Are you perfect? How many of of you have done something similar or worse than what Kristen is said to have done? What if it was you being judged? What if it was you being hated? What if it was you being publicly crucified for something without all the facts known? Would you like it?

I have seen some media people saying "If my boss says I have to run a story, then I have to or I will lose my job" I think those people need to start standing up to their bosses and go back to caring about people more than money!

Kristen Stewart does not deserve all the crap she has been getting this last month or ever!

I like Kristen’s movies. I like the way she encourages girls like me to be ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. I like Kristen for not pretending to be something she is not. I like Kristen for making people laugh and smile. I like Kristen for her courage and her strength.

I like Kristen...No, I love Kristen Stewart because she is who she is and that will always be good enough for me.

Noelle T. 8/23/12

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