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23rd Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

Transcript: Comm Director for Swedish Prosecution explains they don't want to question Assange in the UK because... why?

Martha Kearney interviews Karin Rosander, Director of Communications for the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

Full audio: http://audioboo.fm/boos/928311-swedish-prosecution-authority-on-julian-assange-case-the-world-at-one-bbc-radio-4

Karin Rosander: The prosecutor has stated that, according to circumstances in the investigation, her opinion is that it is necessary he is present in Sweden. And she hasn't stated exactly what circumstances, but that's her statements.

Martha Kearney: But isn't it the case that Swedish prosecutors have gone abroad to question defendants in serious cases at other times?

Karin Rosander: Yes, that's true, it has happened. And it's for the individual- it's for the prosecutor to decide which measures to take. So it's all about what the prosecutor decides to do.

Martha Kearney: But, what you're saying is there are circumstances in this case that makes it very different. It's hard to understand what they might be.

Karin Rosander: Yeah, and the prosecutor hasn't stated exactly what kind of circumstance- what circumstances, but that's her decision.

Martha Kearney: Would it be possible to reach some kind of agreement with Julian Assange that he wouldn't be extradited to United States, because that's what he says he's frightened of if he were to agree to travel to Sweden.

Karin Rosander: Well, that's not exactly for the prosecutor to decide because that's a decision that has to be made by the Swedish Government.

Martha Kearney: Wouldn't it be possible to interview him by video link, by some kind of video phone?

Karin Rosander: The prosecutor has stated that it's necessary for him being present in Sweden. And that's all she can say at the moment.

Martha Kearney: One other form of compromise that has been suggested is that he would be interviewed in the Swedish Embassy, so technically on Swedish Soil.

Karin Rosander: Yeah. But that doesn't really change it because the prosecutor's opinion is that it's necessary he is actually present in Sweden, according to the circumstances within this investigation.

Martha Kearney: Given what's at stake here—it's now become a great international question now, hasn't it, with Ecuador, the UK, and Sweden all being involved—shouldn't the Swedish prosecutor spell out more clearly her reasons for taking this stand?

Karin Rosander: No, her decision is that at this stage of the investigation she does not want to specify.

Martha Kearney: So how is the deadlock going to be resolved, then?

Karin Rosander: Uh... I have no idea, really.

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