@ajaromano Last time I checked journalists were supposed to be unbiased and report the truth. Did you not take communications ethics? How much did their management pay you to write this?! I honestly have no opinion in the matter I don't care who's sleeping with whom. I'm writing this on behalf of the people you're slamming and the fact as a fellow journalist I find it horrific that you'd write such a thing. But aren't there more important things going on in the world to report on? Also last time I checked when writing an article bashing a group of people you'd get quotes from them too instead of keeping the story one sided. I cannot believe you call yourself a journalist. You may also want to get a fact-checker and proof-reader dear, "But none of this the silly part." This is probably why you only write for an online site and not a legitimate news source. Who are you to determine whether something is silly or judge other people? I'm sure people have made fun of you for the things you like and I'm sure you get equally upset so why do the same thing to other people?! I see you enjoy fanfic and let me quote you for a second. " But somewhere, out there, are audience members who think that relationship is perfectly heteronormative, and i don't want them to have that comfort. I want House and Wilson to make out on-screen.*: how is this any different than what these shippers are saying. You clearly "ship" these two together so why can't people ship these bandmates together.

Check mate.

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