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20th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

My dream with Jennifer Lynn Lopez
As a normal day, I was moving on # facebook. When I see that was marked by someone, there was my friend Franciely Day. I had checked into a publication that said:'' Today I Luyza and Marya (I), we get only the audience .....''. I enjoyed and commented saying:'' We even kkkk ... : D''
Okay now for the night came to the presentation of my ballet school (AURA). My guys ballet was there all sitting right in the corner of the stage of the speaker. That was my present teacher (Marcia Mourão). While the main stage would begin presentations of all types of dance that will be at my school.
And I was there with my colleagues, we were taking pictures and playing with various things like that. After every presentation, I and my colleagues went to the center stage of the speaker along with our teacher Marcia Mourao, do some presentations as she spoke of the work follows.
I already knew that Jennifer Lynn Lopez (MY DIVA) was there, watching the presentations. Just went crazy when I heard that I wanted because I wanted to see it up close, kill my desire to know if it was like that in which I delighted, and loved.
 While I was sitting in the corner of the stage watching some of the speaker presentations along with my colleagues. On stage the announcer had a grid that prevented the passage of any person there. This grid was a bit far from the main stage at the same stage of the speaker.
I was sitting there very close to the grid, and had several people there right near the grill too. Why the place was very crowded and had to stay tight.
Yeah I said it was already near the grill (that's the best part of love too <3). When I encounter simply nothing less than my diva, my greatest inspiration (Jennifer Lynn Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Antoni) I was crazy too. At the time I started to cry. And I said
Hi _ I love you too! I am a big fan of yours, I want an autograph JLo.
_ It's time started talking to me in Spanish-and course-said and pulled out a paper and a pen from his pocket and said, Write down your name, please, and I wrote it down and asked her to follow me on Twitter # also, that Marc was on her side started to go. I was in shock and did not know what to say, and she said it was for me also note the name of my # TT, he would follow me. (Ai I was even happier than I was). When she read my name told His name is Marya? - I said yes . She told Pleased to meet you Marya  (I was happier than I was)
_ I asked if pruned take a picture with her, she said yes. Oh - I said I'm coming down there, because I was on the stage of the speaker.
When she told me that yes, I just grabbed the camera from my colleague Danniela who was also there. And rushes. I pushed several people who were in front of me to get there.
Anyway I got there. When I looked at the two of them started crying even more. And asked again to take a picture. Marc took a very nice picture of me and JLo. (This was the happiest moment for me in that dream!)
When I looked at her eyes and said that this is the Jennifer I wanted to know .... Therefore, the goodbyes and left for dead happy ....
When I was leaving I saw my father Dal. He asked.
HIM - Whose is this camera you are I?
U.S. - is a friend of mine, I got to take some photos with Jennifer.
HIM - Lie where are these photos?
U.S. - are here and amostrei for him, had photo was all that way, I had photo of the two of us we were in the bathroom getting ready for more photos we took, we were making up. It had been very good.
Ai went home happy dead.
I woke up ......
When I woke up, and realized I had dreamed of my diva ... I was so happy I wanted to write to never forget, and you can read all hours, I feel far from you Jennifer Lopez. I want that one day it might happen and I know it will be the best thing that I will feel in my life, THANKS FOR BEING MY DIVA!! @JLo and @JLo <3 love you mama <3

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