To whom it may concern,

I thought about this for a while and I felt like it was my responsibility to inform you all of the upcoming abrupt and sudden changes. As you may know Maggie Q Daily has always been providing you with news and media on a daily basis for fans of Maggie and Nikita. But we will now be left on an 'open hiatus'. I haven't decided if I'm shutting it down for good or if we're leaving it just like this. As webmaster and owner of Maggie Q Daily, it's my responsibility to tell you why I'm deciding and acting on my decision as well as clarify everything.

You may all know us as your Maggie Q information source, and Nikita source. It's been my honor for the past 8 months or so to manager and run this site, it's been a great time with you all. I need to thank everyone who has supported us since day 1 and still supporting us, as well as those who appreciate and love what we do.

The reason that I am putting MQD on an 'open hiatus' is because of some conflicts that have risen to the surface. It's not that I don't wan to run the site anymore, or the fact that I can't run it. I love running it and it's become a part of my daily life but now It's a matter of what has happened. The reality and the mere vision of someone who I admire so much has been conflicted and crushed deeply. Reality of everything has surfaced out and the truth is hard to take in and process.

Due to an unpleasant experience that has happened within this week, and everything I've learned and realized, it's hard for me to accept this fact. The fact of how I've never felt more humiliated and hurt in my life, as well as receiving such treatment that was totally uncalled for to me AND my family. It's very upsetting and heart breaking, I feel so hurt and did not deserve any of this that happened.

I don't think it would be in the best of my interest to explain the whole situation of what happened here but for anyone who is interested and concerned, you may ask me personally.

I need some time away and to finally decide what to do with MQD. In the meantime our twitter, site, facebook, etc will all remain the same. You can still access it from the links but it WILL NOT be updated. I repeat, will not be updated anymore.

I'm sorry for an inconvenience caused but this is the best decision to be made for the moment. If anyone has further questions, I may be still contacted through here or you may find my personal twitter. As well you can email me at for anything.

We will also be continuing to sell the Team Nikita wristbands for charity as you may know. All proceeds are now being donated to #NKLA AS WELL AS Toronto Humane Society. We are splitting the proceeds 50/50 and partnering up with in the fundraising. The wristbands may still be bought from and if there are any questions for that, you may email us as well.

Thank you for your time and hope you understand my situation. It's been great providing your updates and news during this period of time but unfortunately I will most likely not be able to do that anymore. Once again thank you for those who supported us and I really appreciate it. And thank you to everyone who was concerned during this time period, your thoughts and love means the world.

Best regards,
Sandi (MQD Admin)

- August 18th 2012. -

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