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19th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

OK, like everyone else I wanted to let this go and not do this, but it seems like I need to.

First, the media is completely full of shit. They know nothing and they are making up lies to sell magazines and get hits. If you don't believe me or think that People is not a tabloid. I direct you to look up the cover article where it said Taylor L was gay or the Kristen article they also ran that said the same thing.

For the last month I have not read on article or seen on interview that anybody has done. I'm sorry but I will not give my money to the media.

Second, not one of the family members or friends to Rob or Kristen has said anything negative or positive about this. Wonder why? Because it is no ones business except for Rob and Kristen. If you think that Jules was saying that she applauds Jody was defending her daughter. Your wrong. All Jody said was the media was completely over playing the situation. Jules statement was in no way defending her daughter in what happened. It was defending her daughter in how the media was portraying it.

Third, if your waiting around for Rob and Kristen to say something then your going to be waiting a long time. They have never talked about their relationship and they certainly are not going to talk now. They don't owe us anything. So stop thinking they are going to say something, because they wont.

Fourth, the only way the media is going to shut up is if we stop reading it. The reason they are continuing is because no matter what your opinion is your still reading it and it gives them more money.

Fifth, If you wondering where there getting their sources from. Check out Twitter and Facebook. We are their sources.

Sixth, if your waiting for me to tell you my opinion on the situation. Not going to happen. My opinion is my opinion and thats it. If you want to know it ask me.

Seventh, you may state your opinion freely. But stop the bullying and name calling. This isn't High School. Grow up.

I'm sorry if you don't like this, but some people need a serious wake up call.

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