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Not 'Prince Charming'

When SMAP made their debut under Johnny & Associates in 1991, it was not exactly smooth sailing.
"SMAP's debut song didn't even make it to the top 10," said Associate Professor Noboru Saijo of Edogawa University.
"Previous groups were seen as Prince Charming types and became popular instantly but by the 1990s, music programmes were in decline and fans wanted more than just good-looking boys who could sing and dance."
"Johnny went to local TV stations and asked them to use SMAP on their variety or comedy shows," said Prof Saijo, who is also an entertainment analyst.
It was a surprising move - but one that worked out.
"I first saw Nakai on a variety show in 1994," says 46-year-old Natsumi Ono, who has been a dedicated fan ever since.
"I love the range that he has - his serious acting and commentating side and his charming comedy side."

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