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To be fair Mr Nakai, who has been on Japan's screens and airwaves for two decades, doesn't look his age.
But he has certainly moved from the ranks of pop idol into all-round entertainment stalwart and icon.
His acting career includes appearances in more than two dozen soap operas and six movies.
He was also the main newscaster for the Olympic Games for Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS), not only in London, but for the last four summer and winter games.
And he's hosted Japan's prestigious New Year's singing competition a total of six times.

But it is as one-fifth of boy band SMAP that he is known above all. The group - whose four other members are also in their late 30s - are frequently seen in colourful costumes, singing pop songs on music programmes.
SMAP is one of many groups produced by Johnny Kitagawa, who was recently presented with two Guinness World Records for "Most no.1 singles produced by an individual" and for "Most concerts produced by an individual".
But the group stands out for maintaining top-level popularity for more than 20 years. So what's their secret?

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