ATTENTION BELIEBERS....we have a CODE PURPLE, please read! 


Shayla is a 15-year-old girl living in Colorado. She's just a teenage girl just like you and me, with hopes, dreams and goals for her life.

But Shayla might not have as much time as she'd like to fulfil her dreams. Shayla's 15-year-old, and fighting against stage 5, brain cancer, which is the last stage in cancer. Doctor's have officially told her parents that Shayla has about 6 weeks left to live.

6 WEEKS....that's barely two months.

So what's Shayla's BIGGEST dream? To meet her hero, Justin Bieber.

The Believe tour will be going to Colorado in January, but Shayla's parents are hesitant to buy tickets, because there's no way to know that she'll make it to January, and they don't want to get her hopes up.

This is what we're asking, that all of YOU  help Shayla's dream come true. We can come together to help her dream become a reality!

What can YOU do? Help us TREND #JustinMeetShayla! And tweet Scooter, Kenny, Allison, Alfredo, EVERYONE ON THE BIEBER TEAM. We have to keep going until they notice her!

More about Shayla's story:

This is what a true fighter looks like:

 “Hospice is at my home, and I'm afraid. I don't want to leave my family, but I know it’s not in my hands but in God’s. I had so many plans for my future. I just wanted to get a job, buy my first car, graduate high school and have children someday. There is so much I wanted to do, but I realize my time on earth may be short.” -Shayla

For more info follow: @BiebsMeetShayla


-Emily, Tyan, and Diane @BiebsMeetTeam. x

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