The United Church of Canada's General Council will consider today (August 14) a report produced by its Working Group on Israel/Palestine, calling for the boycott of occupation products and goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

(To watch the live proceedings of the General Council, click here:

The Working Group's report may be found here:

The United Church and its members have come under attack by right-wing groups like B'nai Brith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs for considering this motion, and nine Canadian senators issued a statement demanding the UCC reject a settlement boycott.

However, many organizations from Jewish, Arab and Palestinian and other communities as well as United Church activists have been working to support the report and see it adopted as UCC policy.

For more information, please see United Network for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel ( and IJV Canada ( A great video supporting the report may be viewed here:

Help support the resolution today by spreading the word on Twitter and social media! Please use the general UCC hashtag, #UCCAN and #gc41, and the hashtag #DivestForJustice. To tweet directly to the United Church, please use @UnitedChurchCan.

Sample tweets are below. Please be creative and share your own tweets!

#UCCCAN #gc41 #DivestForJustice today! Settlement products are the fruit of injustice.

Palestinian Christians have called on Christians around the world to #DivestForJustice. #UCCCAN support the report! #gc41

Acting against injustice is a moral obligation. Settlements = injustice. #UCCAN #DivestForJustice today! #gc41

Silence is complicity. Palestinians are living with mass imprisonment, land confiscation, and apartheid. #UCCAN #DivestforJustice #gc41

The Presbyterian Church- USA ( recently passed a motion to boycott settlement goods. Help the United Church of Canada do the sme today!

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