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In Fukushima, lessons of Chernobyl are ignored.

An interview of Dr. Michel Fernex, a professor at University of Basel in Switzerland who visited Fukushima.

I met with four physicians from Fukushima Medical University in cardiology, urology, internal medicine and ophthalmology. They all seemed unaware of conditions related to radiation contamination. They were very surprised to see young patients with myocardial infarction, diabetes and eye diseases. I told them about the work of Professor Bandazhevsky which highlighted the links between contamination, particularly by Cesium 137, and these diseases.

Directive was given at Fukushima Medical University not to mention radiation. One young professor of ecology tried to study effects of nuclear disaster on children, but he has received threats. The majority of the faculty follow orders and they close their eyes to save their careers: this is very serious. A country such as Japan with strong research abilities should further investigate the genetic alterations induced by radiation contamination and develop anti-mutagenics to reduce genetic abnormalities that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Thyroid diseases are already apparent, but cancers have latency, brain cancer will be seen in children in four years and later in adults. The number of babies with low birth weight increases. The number of female births down 5% because the female embryo is more vulnerable. Appearance of diseases of the newborn and Down's syndrome is still kept secret.

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