I guess you could call this a " Life Story " because i'm going to actually describe how hard life's been for me and why I'm the way I am, For a start growing up was shit, When I was first born, I had an illness where I couldn't eat and basically just threw everything up I had, So I had an operation and nearly lost my life ( I have a huge scar across my belly ) So i'm not lying, I lost my Grandma at a young age and I don't even remember seeing him because of everything that happened, That was all when I was a baby to about 3 years old.

And then starting primary school, I always wanted to be like " popular " like everybody wanted to be kind of like they ruled the school, But that didn't go well either, I got bullied because I remember really liking this girl and everyone just laughed at me, I got stuff thrown at me, People shouting names etc, Then one time I went to play football with some people I got the ball and they pushed me over and then I broke most of the bones in one of my arms, and had ANOTHER operation where I could have lost my arm, Which was scary, And year 6 I started a new school, then I wasn't really liked either ( This is where it got really bad ) I had no friends, The first few days there was a boy whole sung that song " Lonely " because nobody liked me, I sat on my own on breaks, dinners in lessons etc

Then I started Secondary, where year 7 was okay, I met some new people, Had a laugh, fit in well, Then ALL of a sudden BOOM everything just fucked up, My grandma got an illness where she was in hospital for about 4 months, And then passed away :(, When she was always my closest relative, The person I spoke to about everything the most, Then year 9-11 I started smoking to fit in more, Buying people packs of fags so they'd let me hang around with them, When really I was just getting used.

And now i've left school, It's got a whole lot worse, i've got " Subscribers & Followers " I get hate most of the time because a lot of people know me off the Internet, There was a hate page made about me, Which actually made me think wow, Am I really that much of a bad person, And one night when I was out in Derby I got mugged by about 5 people just because it was me and I didn't know what to do :(, And now ever since I posted a photo of my penis on the internet it's got to the point where I can't go out, Because if I do I just get looks, people walking past me saying stuff, And the reason I post the stuff I do, Is because I don't need to please anybody from where I live because i'm that disliked so I post it for the people who actually like me on the internet, I don't want to be targeted anymore or abused for what I do, I just want to live a normal life like everybody else does without being worried!

This is too long i'm sorry, But I've wanted to write this for such a long time!


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