Dirty Blood:
Theatre is about making a statement and this performance does just that. An excellent show that pulls you into the emotional journey of two siblings through their mothers battle against cancer. The cast excel at raising awareness of their cause, the rights of gay men to donate blood, by giving strong emotionally fuelled performances that are so true to life you feel personally effected by their situation. The only downside to this play is the scene changes which I felt were slightly unnecessary. They were done smoothly and there was plot thickening action going on in front of them but they still created a stop/start feel to the storyline. However overall this is a small criticism in what I would say was a near perfect performance. The show is strong from the very beginning and the ending leaves you reeling. An entirely satisfying piece of theatre that captures the nature of the Fringe and I would recommend to anyone.
TheatreReviewer 8/10
#edfringe 4 stars

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