You misunderstand something completely.
When you buy TTT2. You don't need extra charge for pass.
and It works to a MULITI ACCOUNT (you don't need buy for your brother account something).
and You don't need pass for OFFLINE MODE. It's just Online user activation system.
and If you buy new copy, You can get -->
Online pass = FREE (don't forget, it works for multi account your PS account or XBOX account).
DLC Characters = FREE.
DLC Stages = FREE.
DLC Swimsuits = FREE.
and I'll add more DLC Characters & Stages and On-line additional capability, BUT It's FREE.

ok, Tell me your problem now.
and If you are not a child, Please do not use the dirty language.

RT @ChadDaddy69 Fuck you and your online pass. I hope your game bombs and no one buys that piece of shit. pre order cancelled.

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