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12th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

@MeMo07 you can privately add to this?... Danielle Murphree is a liar! Enclosed is a long list of her lies. Lets start with the fact she said she is a RN = a charge nurse and that doctors rely on her for prescription advice and that she herself can write prescriptions. According to Alabama nurse Lic board. Dani is a LPN NOT a RN. According to a classmate Dani flunked out of RN nursing program. Dani earned her LPN Oc 14, 2011 and works at Glen Haven which is a nursing home.

Dani told stories about being a youth ambassador to China, a professional dancer, a model, jeweler, said she was kidnapped by gypsies in France, in addition to her supposedly being anorexic, an alcoholic and coming from an abusive household.

She admitted to Wil that the sister that she keeps referring to isn’t her real sister, but her god-sister, when just last week someone had made a remark about them looking alike while looking at her HoH pictures and she played along with it at the time.

Dani has a brother and no sister.

And what about Trey Gorman her supposed boyfriend outside the house? FACT: just days after Dani said they dated, Trey on Twitter said that he’s never been involved with Dani and that she’s nuts! Trey has a GF see his FB page:

Dani said she told her parents she was kidnapped before coming on the BB show.

She’s begging Shane to ‘mount her’, telling everyone she’s a traveling nurse, speaks Chinese, is a model, an acrobat, is one step away from being a doctor, has abusive and alcoholic parents, has a sister, can’t drink ‘dark liquids’ due to kidney problems but will guzzle wine, She is working on three degrees, Dani has said on the feeds she is a cashier, latin dancer, nurse, model, actress.

Dani on the live feeds states she had a broken back, renal failure, parents are abusive, Former Summertime Anorexic. IBS Sufferer. Miss Alabama Contestant. Nurse Genius. Endurance Beast.

Dani former roommate says Dani thinks every guy she meets is in love with her and that Dani is needy and clingy to men.


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