Watching the Olympic Games today,
Special exciting sports entertainment,
Rhythmic gymnastics more like ballet,
Not doing much, resting quite content.

Weekend with the boys was welcome,
After the Elizabeth Arden photo shoot,
Jason trying to run the show was dumb,
Adam Leber wore a diadem was cute.

Fantasy Twist Cleopatra needed a asp,
Trawick butting in with stupid comments,
Mouths open the professionals did gasp,
Not bringing Jason troubles circumvents.

Please let Adam Leber do his own job,
Larry Rudolph on the road with Victoria,
Jason's ideas made many people sob,
Trawick not allowed on sets moratoria.

Next week the conservatorship hearing,
Britney is prepared and ready to attend,
The end of her oppression now nearing,
Freedom rights Ms. Spears will defend.

Written by
Robert Haviland

Dedicated to Ms. Britney Spears
Copyright 2012 Robert Haviland
All Rights Reserved 08-11-12

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