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10th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

NDAA & "offshoring" Julian Assange: Congressional discussion, led by Representatives Peter King, Doug Lamborn and Trent Franks (all members of the House Armed Services Committee)"

"We have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sitting down in Guantanamo Bay yet. Two years into the Obama Presidency, when President Obama said he was going to close Guantanamo Bay and try these terrorists in civilian courts, and now we found out what happens when you try these terrorists in civilian courts – a whole bunch of evidence that's essential to the conviction has been left out of the prosecution, and they were not successful in an effective prosecution and conviction of the last terrorist that was tried in civilian court."


“It's a pretty sticky constitutional question on how we would deal with American citizens in that category [material support], but it's not when we deal with someone like Julian Assange. An Australian citizen could be put into that category, moved over to a place offshore of the United States outside of the jurisdiction of the Federal courts, the civilian Federal courts in the United States, and adjudicated under a military tribunal in a fashion that was designed by this Congress and directed by this Congress.”


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