[Trans/] Situational play with Yong Guk: "Your gf can't fall asleep and she calls you"
YG: What's the matter?
Girl: I can't sleep...
YG: What to do?
Girl: Sing a song to me
YG: Sing? Don't regret it later (Cave Voice)
Girl: How about aegyo?
YG: Aegyo? Don't regret it later...
Girl: Oppa are you going through voice changing period? (puberty)
YG: Bbuing Bbuing (Cave voice)
Girl: ah? Eomma/Mwoh? (I'm unsure which one applies...cause I'm told in Chinese it sounds similar) You want me to hang up? Okay!

...I'm only 65% confident about this trans >.< (Reposted)

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